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Days: 12-13 Tarfside to Montrose

Tarfside to Montrose

The last two days of my TGO Challenge walk appear pretty straightforward. I follow the River Esk to Edzell and from there begin to follow smaller roads to Brechin and Montrose and the eastern shore of Scotland where my hike ends. Technically, I don't need to be in Montrose until the 14th day of the Challenge, which I am going to hold in reserve in case I need it or I find an interesting detour along the way.

Day 12: Tarfside to Brechin

Tarfside to Brechin Tarfside to Brechin Tarfside to Brechin
Tarfside to Brechin Tarfside to Brechin Tarfside to Brechin

From Tarfside, or where-ever I decided to sleep the previous evening, cross the River North Esk at Woodhaugh (NO492790), and walk along the southern shore on a single track. If that's not a bridge or it looks too rickety to cross, then stay on the north side until there is a bridge, and cross to the south side. There's no road on the south side of the river.

Continue along the Esk, past Dalhastnie, Holmhead, Haughend, and the Rocks of Solitude at mile 9. Continue south and pick up B966 at Gannochy at mile 10.75. Follow this into Edzell at mile 12. Start thinking about the distillery in Brechin which is our destination for the evening. There's bound to be a good B&B there that we can stay at. There's also a campground on the South Esk, a wee bit more south.

Day 13: Brechin to Montrose and the Sea

Brechin to Montrose and the Sea Brechin to Montrose and the Sea

From Brechin, follow the A935 all the way to Montrose center, and make your way through town to the sea. Take a dip or a least dip a part. Then walk south along the shore to the Montrose campground and look for a party. By this time, there are bound to be other thirsty Challengers around. Go to the party. Sleep. Travel to Edinburgh somehow, and fly home.


  1. You might want to check that the A935 has pavements (i.e. sidewalks) or room to walk. I don't know Scotland that well but further south and west there are often hedges and fences that make them somewhat problematic and dangerous on foot. The other side of the river with the little white and yellow roads might be safer and more fun.

  2. Would you believe that the hardest part of the detailed planning was figuring out where to walk when I got back to civilization? I mapped out the exact route you refer to and ultimately decided that by that point, I'd probably just want the walk to be over as soon as possible, so I mapped a direct route from Brechin to Montrose. Granted, I'll have to see if it is safe to walk on. I've been down some lovely 3 digit roads in Scotland, but like you say, local conditions vary. I mapped the route you suggest at least once….before deciding to essentially just wing it.

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