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Days 8-9: Kingussie to Braemar

Kingussie to Braemar

Days 8 & 9: TGO Challenge Route Plan (2010)

If the weather is good, Days 8 and 9 will be an incredibly scenic walk. My path on these days runs along Glen Feshie on the southwestern boundary of the magnificent Cairngorm Mountains and is considered one of the top three mountain walks in Scotland.

Day 8: Kingussie to River Eidart


Kingussie to River Eidart Kingussie to River Eidart Kingussie to River Eidart


After spending the night at an Inn in Kingussie, I set out east past Ruthven Barracks (NN756997). From there, I continue along the B970 over the River Tomrie Bridge at 2.5 miles (NN798994) and turn north, walking along the River Tomrie and the B970 a short distance into Drumguish. Turn east at the intersection of B970 and the road that heads west to Tomrie Mills, and look for a jeep track at (NN791997) that runs east to Glen Feshie at mile 2.7.

Continue east, crossing a jeep track at mile 3.8 (NN805998) in the Inveruglas Forest, which was been recently reseeded. Continue east through a trail junction at NN814985 to a footbridge crossing over the Allt Fearnnasdail at NN823982. Continue east with a slight jog north to another water crossing at NN827982. It’s not clear if this is a bridge or a water crossing. It crosses a smaller branch of Allt Fearnnasdailand and should be fordable here or to the south in a short distance.

After crossing the stream, continue heading east past Corarnstilmore (NN831982), through sheep and cow pasture. Cross a small stream at NN830981 and pick up another jeep trail which continues into a woodland at NN834980 and mile 6. Continue following the jeep track east until it runs up to the River Feshie at NN847976 and mile 6.9. Follow the trail on the near bank south past Stronetopper NN848971, and continue walking south to mile 7.5, crossing the bridge over the Feshie at NN850964.

Head south along a single track and the river to the Ruigh-aiteachain Bothy at mile 10 and NN847927. During this stretch the Feshie meanders through a flat delta like area. On either side, rise steep hills with 2,000 foot elevations to the west and 2,500-3,000 ft peaks to the east above the trail. Before reaching the bothy, their is an optional diversion up a jeep track tot he summit of Mullach Clach a Bhlair (1019m, NN883957), a flat top, but number 114 on the Munro list. The walk passes crags overlooking Coire Garblach (NN887942), which is a deep coire with impressive views. This is a 7 mile round trip detour with 662m of ascent.

Continue south past Ruigh-aiteachain. The Glen narrows passing below Creag na Gaibhre and Crag na Caillich (NN851905) which tower on both sides of the river. Continue south past Creag Bheag, another Crag overlooking the river to a waterfall at Ruighe nam Leum at NN886889 and mile 14. Stop for the night below another waterfall (NN910885), just above the River Eidart where it flows into the Fleshie at mile 15.5.

Day 9: River Eidart to Braemar


River Eidart to Braemar River Eidart to Braemar River Eidart to Braemar


Cross the bridge over the Eidart and continue east for 5.75 miles through the Geldie Burn before turning north at NO005868 where the Geldie flows into the River Dee. Continue along the northern bank, no crossing is required here. Continue north to White Bridge (N018885) at 7.25 miles. The White Bridge is actually red!

Continue north, then west along the Dee past Lin of Dee (NO061897) at mile 10 to Mar Lodge at mile 12.3 (NO096899). Cross the Dee here, heading southeast over Victoria Bridge (NO102895) and follow an unnumbered road into Braemar at mile 16. Find a B&B to stay in, this is my last chance for a shower before Edzell. Otherwise, if I’m running behind schedule, camp in the hills off the southern side of the road near Braemar. Find a B&B and a hot meal.


  1. I wandered over Mullach Clach a Bhlair many years ago and that track is a fine fast way up. So why not camp by the tops and bag a 4000ft Munro the next day. In fact you could do three of them and then down to White Bridge. I like the get up and see the views thinking. Unless it is real bad weather you can still get up there and be in position for the 4000 tops the next day. If the weather is not so good there are many ways down to white Bridge avoiding the tops like Glen Gousachan.

  2. That's definitely an option and I've been looking at it. The rest of the route down the fleshie past eidart also looks very nice. How to decide?

  3. Thanks for the link – I remember those posts.

  4. Stick with the route but have a look at the tops and hills suggested. If the weather is good and the old bones and muscles are working well !!!

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