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Evernew Backpacking Water Reservoirs and Bottles

Evernew-Water-Bottle Review

Evernew water bottles are transparent soft bottles that can be collapsed when not in use. They’re available in four sizes: 600 ml, 900 ml, 1.5L, and 2L and can be used to haul clean or “dirty,” pre-filtered water. They weigh 0.9 oz., 1 oz., 1.3 oz., and 1.5 oz and are fully compatible with the Sawyer Water Filters, without the need for an adapter.

Evernew water bottles are available in 4 sizes: 600 ml, 900 ml, 1.5L, and 2.0L.
Evernew water bottles are available in 4 sizes: 600 ml, 900 ml, 1.5L, and 2.0L.

These Evernew bottles have some other advantages as well that I value in a water carry system:

  • The bottles have a gusseted bottom, so they’ll stand upright when you set them down. This is very handy in camp or when adding Aqua Mira water purification drops.
  • The bottle caps on the Evernew bottles are attached to the bottle with a piece of plastic so you can never lose them. I lost a Platypus cap once and have carried a spare cap in my gear repair kit for the past 3 years.
  • Each Evernew bottle comes with a brightly colored elastic lanyard that you can use to keep them rolled up. It’s more durable than a rubber band and brightly colored so you don’t lose it or the water bottle at the river bank.
  • There are reinforced areas on the bottom of the bottles that you can perforate using a hole punch in order to hang them inside a backpack hydration pocket or to rig up a gravity water filter system.
  • All of the bottles are BPA-free and made with three-layer polyethylene for durability and low odor transmission.

While the Evernew water bottles stand on their own merits, their leak-proof compatibility with Sawyer’s water filters seals the deal.

The cap is attached to the Evernew water bottle so you can't lose it.
The cap is attached to the Evernew water bottle so you can’t lose it.

If you dislike the opaque water bags that Sawyer ships with their personal water filters, or you’ve had them fail and need a replacement, do yourself a favor and upgrade to these soft bottles from Evernew. These are the water bottles that Sawyer should have included with their Mini and Point One water filter systems….from the get-go.

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  1. Good find, will have to try them

  2. Do you leave the filter on the bag all the time? My Sawyer bags didn’t last long doing that.


  3. I have found the Platypus bottles fit well on the Sawyer, but I am still using the original full size. Is the Mini a different thread? Will definitely keep that in mind if I shrink my filter.

    • The newer Platy bottles do not work properly on the Sawyer filters. They have a proprietary thread on the bottle that only accepts their cap, that they sell separately for around $3. The cap is not attached to the bottle, so it’s just a matter of time before you loose in the field. Kind of a pain, but I must admit that my Platy bottle has handled quite a bit of abuse and has never leaked.

      • Good to know. I’ll have to pick up a couple of these as I replace my Platys. Haven’t lost a cap yet but I am OCD about them on the trail. Clean ones go immediately into my right pocket and dirty ones in the left while I am filling and filtering…

  4. When you say “dirty” squeeze bottle, are saying you fill your dirty bottle, attach the filter, and squeeze into your clean drinking bottles?

    Does it work quickly enough to minimize downtime? I’ve just done the whole gravity thing for anything over 1L, because I didn’t think the mini was capable of a significant flow-rate to fill a couple bottles/a bladder. Perhaps I need to revisit the idea, and save some pack weight too.

  5. So when filling the “dirty” water container is there a problem with contaminating the container when dunking into stream. Does the outside and neck of container matter? Im new at this.

    • That won’t work with a narrow opening like this. You need to position it under a pour over or in line with the fast part of the stream (hard to explain), or fill it up by scooping water with your cook pot and pouring it in.

      • For filling: I carry a 1 gal freezer bag with one lower corner nipped off (about 1/4″) to then fill my Sawyer sack. Especially good for shallow water that has a muddy bottom.

        • Or you can buy a wide mouth nalgene reservoir which will fill when you submerge it, although its not compatible with a Sawyer. Some people like them. This can be a good solution is you treat with chemicals. But I prefer a filter style solution to get the floaties and guppies out.

    • Read your question again. No. It doesn’t matter. The water comes out the filter top clean and should drop into the bottles without dripping over the mouthpiece (which you can’t keep clean).

  6. Philip just curious what are you getting for a flow rate on the larger Sawyer?

  7. What I love most about these bottles is the caps attached to the bottle–no lost caps, no need to buy and carry spares!

    I haven’t checked the past 2-3 years–are these water bottles now regularly obtainable? For several years after the 2011 Japanese tsunami (which affected the factory), they were really hard to find, and because of the compatability with Sawyer, the demand was high. Mine date from pre-tsunami and pre-Sawyer Squeeze days–I bought them strictly because of the attached cap. They are still good!

  8. I use these and they’re great. The 1.5L is a good size for quickly topping up water bottles or camelbacks (using an inline fill connector) and I’ve also found the gusset bottom on them really useful for using around the campsite. From experience I would recommend the larger sizes (1.5L or 2L) as it is easier to fill these partially than fully filling up the smaller bags when refilling water bottles etc. Also note for UK Amazon purchases they are usually shipped from Japan so can take some time to arrive – don’t buy them in a hurry!

  9. beyond the attached cap, what do you see as advantages over the Sawyer pouches?

    • The Evernew reservoirs are clear so you can obviously see how much water is left in them. They also have gusseted bottoms so you can stand them up. The Sawyer reservoirs don’t exactly have a stellar durability reputation although YMMV.

      • I’m on my second 2liter Sawyer bag in three years. First one failed earlier this year after bragging that I never had one fail. I think I paid $6 for two Sawyer bags compared to $16 for one Evernew bag. It might ne worth the cost difference if they are a lot more durable than the Sawyer bags.

      • the sawyer pouches are gussetted as well.? ive had no durability issues.? they are cheap and light enough to carry a spare.

  10. A little off topic, but while we’re talking Sawyer: I just upgraded from the mini to the regular filter, but the regular tends to leak from around the white “sport cap” as if the cap isn’t letting enough water through so it spills up and around the threads. It’s post-filter, so it’s clean water, which concerns me less, but I’ve taken to filtering without the white cap on there. Do you (or anyone else reading this) have that problem?

    On topic, I’ve been using an older (2012ish) Platy with no problems but actually just received an Evernew for my birthday (it’s in the mail) and am pretty excited to use it, precisely for the reasons you specified.

    • Only have the problem if its not screwed on tightly.

      • Never ever had that problem and have been using these filters for a few years now. Earl might be right.

      • This thread got me thinking and, upon further examination, it looks like the threads on my push-pull cap are likely jacked up — I couldn’t screw the cap on tightly without it popping off or tightening at an angle. Sawyer customer service is wonderful, though, and quickly sent out a replacement (on the way). Hopefully that solves it!

  11. For those of us who prefer a widemouth container, a similar concept is the Nalgene Cantene.
    They have a nice 3 liter size for when camp is far from a water source.

  12. i have heard about these bags and their compatability with the sawyer filters, but they were hard to find. Are they more readily available now?

  13. I just returned from a four days section hike on the Long Trail (SOBO). I had a new 900 months version of this product. Second day it sprung a leak, a hole along one of the folded crease. I was not impressed. Good thing I had a spare Sawyer filter bag version, which I used with no problems the rest of the hike. I have never had a problem with the Sawyer bag. Yes I do like the Evernew features like attached cap. However, I did not like the feature of springing holes…

  14. I had a 2 liter Sawyer bag blow out the first day of recent AT section hike. I wasn’t even squeezing the bag at the time. I normally use Aqua Mira and keep a Sawyer Mini as a backup system. After filling the 2 liter Sawyer bottle and adding Aqua Mira I screwed on the top and a large hole blew out just under the spout. I’ve probably been using the Sawyer bottles for around 20 days of backpacking over less than two years (wish I could get out more). I carry two 2 liter bottles so I had the second one to use. I’ve ordered two of the 2 liter Evernew bottles from

  15. I’m interested in making a gravity filtration system using a 2000ml (2 liter) evernew carrier and a sawyer mini filter. Other then punching holes in the reinforced area on the bottom to hang it will gravity make the water go threw the filter or does it need to be squeezed. I think it’s pretty obvious that it would take some time, I would set it up to filter water when time is not an issue.

    • Yes, gravity will work very well!

      I made a gravity filter system using the Sawyer Mini and a couple bladders from wine in the box (which beats Jack in the Box as far as I’m concerned). I used 8mm x 10mm food grade silicone tubing for the system. I bought 2m of the tubing on fleaBay and cut about a 30cm (1′) piece to attach the output of the filter to the clean bag, leaving me about a 1.7m (5.5′) head to go from my dirty bag to the filter. It worked extremely well, filtering about 7.5L of dirty (but relatively gunk free) water in the amount of time it took me to pitch my tent, perhaps 5 minutes or so. The silicone tubing stays soft and pliable in cold weather and will stretch reasonably well over different size nozzles. It fit the inlet and outlet side of the Sawyer Mini perfectly. I also had a regular Sawyer filter with me and it didn’t fit that one nearly as well because the inlet nozzle didn’t stick out as far as on the Mini and I was afraid it would slip off. I also put a plastic pinch valve inline to allow regulation of the flow.

  16. There’s a recent (I think( addition to the line: a 2L bag with a normal opening and a ziploc-like opening for filling (similar to the dirty-water reservoirs on the Playtypus GravityWorks systems. I’ve used it on one overnight so far, with no problems. The opening allows me to scoop water when there’s no pour-over available.

    The bottle is available on Amazon. It looks a bit funny: the normal narrow-mouth opening is at the “top” corner – and the zip-opening is along the edge of the “top.” (The opening itself is a fold-over closure with a slider-clip piece that closes it quite securely.) I’ve read several reviews that this arrangement is “dumb – who would put both openings on the same end?” The answer is: anyone who wants to store it vertically in a pack or pack pocket without worrying about the “bottom” leaking. Who would want to do that? Well, me, for one: I often carry water from a source to a “dry” camp. Being able to use the dirty water reservoir as a transport container means one less 2L bottle to carry. (I find 4 liters to be plenty for overnight, so I carry two 1L bottles and the 2L reservoir. I can make do with 3 liters if necessary, so I could leave one of the 1L bottles at home – I’m sure the extra 2 ounces I’m not carrying would let me cover at least an extra, oh, 300 or 400 feet in a day. )

    With the problem of filling the narrow opening solved so cleverly, these now fit all my needs.

    • Quick update: These do work acceptably well for scooping water. However, like the narrow-mouth Sawyer and Evernew bottles (without the zip), the gusseted bottom of this bottle tends to collapse about half the length of the bottle. As a result, I could never scoop more than a liter, even with multiple scoops, and ended up using my pot to finish filling it.

      The closure is very secure, and it does work as a dirty reservoir; however, the slider closure does interfere slightly with screwing the filter to the bottle opening. The slider opening isn’t very wide, and you can’t get your hand in to clean it. It also resists staying open when you try to dry it.

      For what it’s worth, I just ordered the CNOC Vecto because it looks a bit less fiddly.

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