Gear List: Long Trail Section Two

Long Trail Creek

I made a lot of changes to my gear list on my last Long Trail section hike from Clarendon Gorge to Bromley Mountain, particularly around my sleep system, changing from a hammock to a tarp tent. Despite some condensation issues with the tent in high humidity conditions, I'm going to stick with a tarp tent because I prefer the extra living room when you have to hide from the bugs before you sleep in the evening. I may switch to a Tarptent Squall 2 which has slightly better airflow than my current Six Moons lunar solo for my next section, depending on weather forecasts.

My base weight on this trip was 12.2 pounds. I also brought 6.5 pounds of food and other consumables, and carried about 4-6 pounds of water, when refilling, bringing my max pack weight to about 23-25 pounds. This lightened up as I ate my food.

Backpack oz.
Gossamer Gear Mariposa Plus 21.5
Modified GG Nightlight sleeping pad as framesheet 1.1
Gossamer Gear Hip Pocket (M) 0.7
Equinox Pack cover 3.5
Gossamer Gear internal pack liner (lg) 1.7
Mini REI thermometer 0.3
Fox 40 Whistle 0.1
Shelter & Sleep System  
Sea-to-summit 13L waterproof stuff sack 1.3
Western Mountaineering Ultralite Sleeping bag 28.9
Medium wool socks – sleeping/extra 2.7
Patagonia Capilene 1 Bottoms 5.8
Patagonia Capilene 1 Crew (permethrin) 6.5
Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo Tent, seam sealed 28.7
Gossamer Gear Polycro Footprint 5.0
Bozeman Mountain Works Torsolite Sleeping Pad 10.0
6 easton stakes 1.8
Brunton LED Lantern 2.7
Wide mouth Pee bottle 1.9
3 L platy 1.4
3 L platy 1.4
General Ecology First need water filter/purifier 15.9
Platytpus hose and camelback bite valve 2.1
Spinntex bear bag system (bag, rope, rock sack, carbiner) 3.1
OPSACK odor barrier bag 1.1
Long handled titanium spoon 0.4
MSR pack towel 0.7
Head net ditty bag 0.5
Long Trail Map 1.3
black polypro glove liners 1.2
Buff bandana (permethrin) 1.3
Mountain Hardware polypro hat 0.8
Extra clothing  
Cocoon polarguard pullover vest with helium ditty bag 6.4
Golite Reed rain pant 7.0
Outdoor research celestial jacket 9.0
Suunto a-10 compass 0.9
digital camera 5.8
Green equinox essential bag 0.2
small dental floss 0.4
swiss army classic knife 0.7
Grey ditty bag (murphy) 0.4
Gear repair 3.8
First Aid/Emergency Kit 4.8
base pack weight in lbs 12.2

On this last trip I noticed some comfort issues with my Mariposa Plus pack during high mileage, where I experienced shoulder fatigue because load transfer to my hips was suboptimal. I've also had some problems with the new Gossamer Gear hip belt pockets which slide off and fall to the ground whenever I take my pack off. This is real annoying and can't be doing my digital camera any good. My next section is going to be much harder and it is  likely that I will switch back to my Six Moons Designs Starlite pack for this trip. The Mariposa is still a great pack, but it shines when you are going very light and don't have to carry a lot of food or water. The Starlite is good for heavier loads, longer distances, and has a much better hip belt pocket system with very little weight penalty.

By now, you've probably learned that I fiddle around with my gear list on each trip. Every trip is different: different distance, terrain, weather conditions, water availability, bug conditions, etc. and I don't believe that you can have just one static gear list for all seasons.

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