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Golite Trek Backpack

Do you still long for the old days when Golite made a backpack that had mesh pockets? Those were the days of the Golite Trek, a multi-day backpack with an internal volume of just under 3950 cubic inches with a 700 cubic inch extension collar.

Golite Trek Backpack
Golite Trek Backpack

Golite Trek Backpack

Weighing just under 30 oz. (in a size small), this pack was state-of-the-art ten years ago and used to be my main backpack. I liked it so much, I own a second one in mint condition, still wrapped in the manufacturer’s original packaging.

This pack is a gear guzzler and has a huge single compartment that swallowed gear. There is a large mesh pocket at the rear of the pack for storing wet clothes or gear that you want to access quickly, in addition to mesh pockets on either side for water bottles. Two sets of compressions straps on the sides of the pack can be used to reduce volume and a tool loop and daisy chain provide the ability to attach additional gear, such as an ice axe.

The Trek is rated to hold 30 lbs, and therefore it’s rather light on shoulder strap and hip belt padding, which I rather like. The shoulder pads are fixed to the back of the pack and non-adjustable, but the Trek comes with load lifter straps for a personalized fit. A sternum strap is also included.

The back of the pack has a built-in foam pad that is sewn in and cannot be removed. It feels very much like the foam pad in the currently available Golite Pinnacle backpack.

The Trek comes with a floating Silnylon extension collar which can be removed but provides excellent storage for maps, food, and other small stuff that you want to keep handy. The extension collar has two pockets: an internal mesh pocket and a top pocket that is easily accessible when you take the pack off.

The body of the pack is made from Dyneema gridstop, a fabric still common today, and the bottom is made using 420 denier Cordura for better durability.

The small size is rated for torso’s 15 1/2″ – 17 1/2″. List price for this pack when Golite still manufactured it was about $120. If you need a higher volume pack and can find one used, you should grab it. Golite doesn’t exist anymore, but the Trek is still a fun pack to use if you can find one.

Disclosure: The author owns this product and purchased it using their own funds.


  1. Looks good. I have a Pinnacle which I recall you did not rate that much. I see Golite still don't do mesh but have put pockets on the hip belt and foam padding on the back. More weight – but looks good. I am a bit like you in I change rucksacks a lot. I would get one of those ULA ones if they came in any other colour than Green. I like the look of the New Osprey Exos 46 and the Talon 44. Then I like the look of lots packs. Is there a cure?

  2. Martin,

    Glad to see you're out and about. I was going to re-review the Pinnacle this weekend based on the fact that I know you like it. I figured a winter day hike would be a good chance to re-evaluate.

    Regarding the backpack disease..would you believe I had another delivered last night from Cold Cold World? It's a beauty – about 4000 cubic inches and designed for mountaineering. I adore it. You'll see a detailed review in the next week or so.

    I know people like the Ospreys because of the mesh back and the fact that it reduces sweating. Dave on the blog has a recent article on the limitations of the trampoline system that is worth checking out:

    Take care.

  3. What a coincidence. I just bought one of these for my son this morning for our BSA Philmont trek this summer. Good to see that is a well-rated pack. I use a GoLite Speed and love- it’s als covered in mesh pockets.

  4. Do you have any idea where I can find a replacement for my old Golite Trek pack? I love mine but it’s pretty beat up from a lot of use.

  5. I really enjoyed finding this information. I have a Golite Trek in near perfect condition. It is exactly the same as the photos above. Thanks for the article.

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