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Good-to-Go Gourmet Dehydrated Camping Meals

Good-to-Go Gourmet Dehydrated Meals
Good-to-Go Gourmet Dehydrated Meals

Good-to-Go is a new gourmet camping food company that’s on a mission to create the best tasting and nutritious dehydrated camping meals available today. Based in Maine, they bring a Down Home sensibility to their dehydrated meals which are gluten-free and available as vegetarian or pescatarian entrees.

Good-to-Go Dehydrated Camping Meals
Good-to-Go Dehydrated Camping Meals – Smoked Three-Bean Chili, Herbed Mushroom Risotto, and Thai Curry

My wife and I tried three Good-to-Go meals this weekend while car camping in New Hampshire and enjoyed them thoroughly. Their Thai Curry (my favorite) has a real kick to it, the Smoked Three Bean Chili is filling and has an excellent smokey aftertaste, and the Herbed Mushroom Risotto is smooth and creamy. Once rehydrated, you really wouldn’t know that these meals were rehydrated from a bag and not cooked fresh.

Unlike many other dehydrated meals, it’s not necessary to add extra boiling water (beyond that specified in the instructions)to these meals to get them to rehydrate properly (1.25 cups per bag), although they do take 20 minutes to fully rehydrate. This is considerably longer than many other dehydrated camping meals, but it’s well worth the wait. The added rehydration time means that Good-to-Go can dehydrate more elaborate and complex recipes and use more natural and healthy ingredients than other prepared food manufactures, which means a better tasting food experience!

Once you add boiling water to each meal, you will want to keep them warm in an insulated food cozy while they rehydrate, so make sure to pack one on your trip. In terms of portion size, my wife found that three packages fed two people for dinner, without any left overs, as you can see below!

All Gone!
All Gone!

Good-to-Go meals are available from (click here).

 Disclosure: Good-to-Go provided Philip Werner ( with free samples of these meals for this review. 


  1. will the good to go meals be available in the uk ?

  2. re: you evaluation of serving size…did you test the ‘single’ or ‘double’ serving size packages?

  3. Thai curry was wonderful – we tried it for the first time last weekend in the Whites. Like the size of the packaging – my husband and I ate right out of the bag. Super yummy. I want to support this company. Christmas gifts for hiking friends? Maybe ~ good stuff.

  4. Just tried the chili. I used a pot instead of package and added a 1/2 cup dry cous cous with the appropriate water needed. I let the pot sit covered for a full 20 min. The chili did not fully reconstitute. It seems the cous cous was better at absorbing water. The chili did taste very good. I will use the bag next time and make cous cous as a side. The vegetarian feature is not a selling point for me. I would love to see some some ground turkey or grass fed beef in these :)

    • Try getting some dehydrated or freeze dried chicken or beef. Rehydrate the meat separately from the chili. For a little extra taste, add a spoonful of dried tomato powder to the meat. Also, someone else mentioned that they use an insulated food cozy. Google it, and you see that it is a ziplock insulated rubber pouch that keeps the hot water hotter and longer – aiding the rehydration process. The pouches are available in a variety of sizes, so you can use a smaller one to fit the food envelope or a bigger one for a small pot. Wife and I don’t back pack, but this stuff is pretty good when we car camp.

  5. I found these at a local Trailblazers, and picked up a couple to try. The back-story on the chef is great, she appeared and won on Iron Chef America (great show). I had a positive experience when contacting them to ask about a food allergy issue, the responses were quick and intelligent. (The down side is, shared equipment with nuts, so if that is an issue for you then be aware). I am really rooting for this company, and will watch their progress as they grow!

  6. Saw National Geographic Live Prepared Food at Walmart, any experiences on this new FD pouch?

  7. have you ever taken dehydrated food across the border for hiking out-of-country? Are there any (legal/customs) issues with flying with dehydrated foods? I don’t want it confiscated but I want to go to Havasu Falls next year and I live in Toronto…

  8. I have found using a food cozy totally helps the rehydration process. I want to point out however that the one on your head (a fleece hat) does a respectable job without having to pack “one more thing.”

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