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Gossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Accessory Pocket Review

Shoulder Strap Pocket

I like to carry a digital point and shoot camera in a shoulder strap pocket because I take better photos when it’s easily accessible. I also use the same pocket to carry my smartphone, which has some navigation apps that I like to use when I hike. I’ve found that carrying electronics in my shoulder strap pockets provides more protection for them than if they’re carried my hip belt, especially when I’m plowing through dense foliage. The advantage of an accessory pocket over the mesh pockets that come sewn to the outside of some backpacks is better portability, fit (sizing), durability, and water-resistance.

The Gossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket can fit an iPhone 6 (shown) plus my point and shoot camera both at the same time
The Gossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Pocket can fit an iPhone 6 (shown) plus my point and shoot camera into the pocket, both at the same time.

Gossamer Gear’s Shoulder Strap Accessory Pocket (available in two sizes) is easy to attach to all of the backpacks I use.  You’d think this would be easy, but there’s wide variability in the types of external attachment points that backpacks provide on their shoulder straps. Some backpacks have daisy chains sewn onto the outside of their shoulder straps while others only have hydration hose keeper loops.

Attached to the shoulder strap of a Seek Outside Gila 3500
Attached to the right shoulder strap of a Seek Outside Gila 3500

The Gossamer Gear Shoulder Strap Accessory Pocket (1.5 oz) is compatible with both orientations because it has three velcro straps on the back, one vertical strap and two horizontal, which are long enough to reach around an attachment point and hook back onto themselves. This also provides a lot more security, so the pocket doesn’t get accidentally ripped off. In addition to the velcro straps, each shoulder strap pocket comes with a short loop of cord sewn into the side seam that you can run an additional cord through if you want an additional “keeper” attachment.

Shown attached to a daisy chains on the front of a HMG SW 2400 Backpack
Shown attached to the shoulder straps of a Hyperlite Mountain Gear SouthWest 2400 Backpack

The other nice thing about this Shoulder Strap Pocket is its compatibility with a wide array of different backpacks. It’s not just an accessory pocket for Gossamer Gear packs, but is compatible with just about any backpack. I can’t even remember all the packs I’ve used it with, but they include packs made by Granite Gear, Hyperlite Mountain Gear, Seek Outside, CamelBak, Elemental Horizons, Gregory Packs, and the list goes on. It’s nice to find a piece of gear that only costs $15 and has this much utility.

Highly Recommended. 

Disclosure: Gossamer Gear gave me a sample pocket but I was not under any obligation to review it. It works well and I thought people would want to know about it.

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  1. Do you have the interior dimensions?

  2. I have one on my backpack and also one on my daypack…excellent pouch.

  3. i really like the idea of this pouch. I bought one for my iPhone 7+, which fits very well inside of it. The attachment is very secure on my HMG Southwest 3400. It can even fit my gigantic “I am addicted to my phone” battery with my phone (sort of).

    But. I hate the bulk of the pouch. It always seems to be in my way. It’s so annoying to me, and maybe I’m just exceptionally picky (highly probable), but I’m looking at either a sewn-in mesh pocket or going back to my fanny pack.

    • I’d look at the Lowepro Newport 10 camera pouch, it’s cheap and lightweight. It’s shorter than most accessory pouches but iPhones are small. I also have the Tahoe 10 which has padding and I like less for my camera, but might actually work better for the iPhone. You’ll need 2 tri-glide clips but the HMG Southwest has a nice amount of wide shoulder strap daisy chain for it to work well. I use this on my Millet Elevation 40 and Osprey Aether 60 and barely notice the pouch with my camera.

  4. If you don’t care much about weight or bulk, the Clakit Strap Pocket holds a lot more. After experimenting with it on my shoulder strap, I now keep it on my hipbelt on my left hip. I had to figure out a way to keep it from sliding to the middle of my hipbelt and dangling in front of my crotch, which is both annoying and loosens the hipbelt, but I finally got a great system and I love, love, love this pocket. I keep my iPhone 6S Plus and a similarly sized battery brick in there, with a short coiled cable to connect them when I need to charge on the go, while still enabling me to take out the phone to take photos or check the map (the coil in my cable keeps the cable short and out of the way, but stretches for ease of use.)

    The zippers only go down low on one side, so it’s best for right handed people reaching across to access items on the left side of the body.

  5. I considered buying this pocket because of the velcro compatibility, but this and other cottage accessory pockets seem to be specifically made for smartphones. The dimensions make it sound like it is tall and thin without much depth, but I don’t know anything about the rigidity of the fabric. I always carry my phone in my pants pocket with zero issues. What other items fit into this pocket well? FYI, my Canon camera fits perfectly in a Lowepro Newport 10 with tri-glides and I like the depth of this pouch a lot so I have two of them. I’m beholden to the shoulder strap daisy chains with this setup.

  6. Your review must have worked! They are currently out of stock. I have their belt pockets, which have elastic webbing for the belt to run through. I can rig them to shoulder straps but velcro would make it easier to do.

    As far as size is concerned, I gleaned this (along with a little converting) from the GG website:

    Large: 17 cm (6.7″) x 8.5 cm (3.35″) x 3 cm (1.18″) 42 g (1.5 oz.)

    Medium: 15. cm (6.1″) x 7 cm (2.75″) x 3 cm (1.18″) 38 g (1.3 oz.)

    • Thanks for grabbing those measurement. I just got back from a hike and I’m trying to defrost in front of the fire.

      Apparently those pouches are very popular…but will be in stock again soon.

  7. One of my fav gear purchases by far!

  8. Interesting pouch…Thanks for the detailed review! I have tried shoulder pouches and hipbelt pouches in the past but have found them severely lacking – maybe I just didn’t get the right gear. I was not able to attach them in such a way that they do not move around all over the place. Maybe this one will do the trick.

    Thanks, Eric

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