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Kelty Light Year 20 Sleeping Bag

If you have trouble falling asleep when your feet are too warm, then the Kelty Light Year 20F sleeping bag may be the perfect bag for you, because it has a special zipper in the foot box that gives you complete control over the warmth of your feet in warm or hot weather. I’ve never seen this capability on any other other sleeping bag and believe it is unique in the industry.

Kelty Sleeping Bag Foot Vent
Kelty Sleeping Bag Foot Vent

This impressive down bag provides several other features that you don’t normally find on a 20 degree, 3-season bag in this price range.

Kelty Light Year 20 Sleeping Bag Review - Draft Collar and Hood
Kelty Light Year 20 Sleeping Bag – Draft Collar and Hood

The Light Year has a passive, built-in draft collar, that drapes across your chest when you zip the bag up. This is a down-filed fabric tube that prevents the “bellows effect”, where warm air from your bag is vented out around your face when you move around at night.

The articulated, signature Kelty mummy hood is another standout, providing excellent thermal insulation and comfort around your head. Sleeping bags from most other manufacturers don’t provide a hood that cradles your head so effectively.

The Light Year, weighing in at 2 lbs. 6 oz.(38 oz) is a half-zip bag, where the zipper stops at your hips. This is a weight saving strategy used by gear manufacturers since full length zippers can add considerable weight.

Overall, this is nice bag, with some interesting features. Priced at $180, it is also an exceptional value for your dollar and can help you get your sleeping bag weight well under the 3 lb. target of a lightweight hiker.

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  1. Slumberjack has several models that have vented foot boxes. I don't have one, but have wondered if they were any good.

  2. Tried the long size for my 6'4" son and it was too narrow. I found it narrow as well as a med. build female. Sent it back. I do like the concept of venting the feet without exposing half of your body.

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