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Kelty Triptease Lightline (50 feet) Review

Kelty Triptease Lightline - Tent GuylineIn early November I was hiking the Long Trail in Vermont, trying to eke out one last weekend section hike before the weather got colder. At this time of year it gets pitch black at 5:00 pm. I finished eating dinner just as the sun went down and then set out to hang my bear bag. After a short visit to the Bromley Shelter privy, I returned to the area where I hung my hammock…or at least I thought I had hung my hammock. Normally I have really good directional sense, but it was dark, and cold, and I just had a little LED light on me.

All I can say is thank god I use Kelty Triptease to guy out my hammock and tents. Triptease is a highly reflective cord with a Dyneema core. Reflective Scotchlite yarns are woven into the cord that flash back at you when you shine a light on them. My LED soon found my guylines, and relieved, I snuggled into my hammock for the night, wearing every piece of clothing I had.

A 50 ft length of Triptease weights 1 oz and while it is not the lightest reflective guyline cord, it certainly is the brightest. With a breaking strength of 188 lbs, Triptease can be a little difficult to cut and once cut the ends must be melted with a candle or match or they fray quickly. Be careful when you do this because Triptease will catch fire and burn.

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  1. I used the Kelty Triptease Lightline to guy out my camping hammock using a (adjustable) taut line hitch. I reverted to the hammock's original cords after discovering that the Lightline does not slide very well and also is very difficult to untie when it is wet.


  2. I use Triptease on my hammock/tarp tie outs, love it, I tend to wander around and it shines like a beacon leading me home.

  3. Is triptease strong enough to use to HANG a hammock? Maybe in the whoopie sling formation. Thanks.

  4. I use Kelty TripTease on my hammock and my tent. Not only does it help me but it serves to keep other campers in our group from tripping over my guylines in the middle of the night!

    I would not use TripTease to hang my hammock but it's great for everything else.

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