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Long Trail Backpacking Gear List: Section 3

I’ve got another section hike coming up on the Long Trail and I’ve made a few changes to my gear list. This next section will be a 4 day trip covering slightly over 47 miles over much more difficult terrain. After this section, I will have hiked close to 50% of the 272 mile Long Trail.

Long Trail terminus with Canada

I have one major stream crossing and will be bringing a pair of Waldies with me to avoid getting my boots wet. We’ve had a lot of rain in New England the past day or so and I expect that the rivers and streams on the Long Trail will be up.

The only other major change is to switch back to my Six Moon Designs Starlite pack instead of my Gossamer Gear Mariposa Plus. On my last trip, I experienced some shoulder fatigue with the Mariposa on a high mileage day. The Starlite has a much more sophisticated shoulder pad system, including load lifters, and therefore much better load-to-hip transfer characteristics. Since I will be carrying more food weight on this trip over higher ascents and on high mileage days, I wanted the more comfortable pack.

Six Moon Designs Startlite Backpack25.0
Therm-a-rest Z-lite sleeping pad as framesheet10.2
Equinox Silnylon Pack cover3.5
Gossamer Gear internal pack liner (lg)1.7
Mini REI thermometer0.3
Fox 40 Whistle0.1
Skunklight Solar LED0.6
Swiss army classic knife0.7
Shelter & Sleep System
Sea-to-summit 8L waterproof stuff sack1.1
Western Mountaineering Ultralite Sleeping bag28.7
Helium Ditty bag for sleep clothes0.4
Medium wool socks – sleeping2.7
Patagonia Capilene 1 Bottoms5.7
Techwick short sleve shirt (permethrin)5.5
Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo Tent28.5
Gossamer Gear Polycro Footprint5.0
6 easton stakes2.5
Brunton LED Lantern2.7
Wide mouth Pee bottle1.9
3 L platy1.4
3 L platy1.4
General Ecology First need water filter/purifier15.9
Platytpus hose and camelback bite valve2.1
MLD bear bag system (bag, rope, rock sack, carbiner)3.1
OPSACK odor barrier bag1.1
Long handled titanium spoon0.4
MSR pack towel0.7
Head net ditty bag0.5
black polypro glove liners (permethrin)1.2
Buff bandana (permethrin)1.3
Mountain Hardware polypro hat0.8
Golite Team Mesh hat (permethrin)1.5
Extra clothing
Cocoon polarguard pullover vest with helium ditty bag6.4
Golite Reed rain pant7.0
Outdoor research celestial jacket9.0
Waldies Aruba sandals for Stream crossing7.1
Suunto a-10 compass0.9
digital camera5.8
Grey ditty bag (murphy)0.4
Gear repair4.4
First Aid/Emergency Kit5.0
base pack weight in lbs12.8

I’m also going to be carrying and wearing a lot more gear treated with Permethrin. The latest black fly reports for this section of Vermont say that the black flies and mosquitoes are out and biting, so my plan is to stay as covered as possible.

You’ll notice that I’m not carrying a stove again on this trip. Temperatures are predicted to be low 80’s during the day and high 50’s at night so I’m just going to eat cold meals. The weather is warm enough that an alcohol stove would work fine, but I’d rather not add the fuel weight.

I’ve also switched out the Torsolite sleeping pad for the Thermarest Z-lite. The Starlite requires a sleeping pad as an internal framesheet and the Torsolite isn’t really designed for this. I could have used a Gossamer Gear Nightlight pad which is 7 oz lighter, but I find the Thermarest to be more comfortable and a bit warmer, so I’m taking it instead.


  1. Why 6 liters of bladder? Is this the "standard" amount you carry on the LT? Thanks!

  2. I used to carry a lot of capacity, but not necessarily use it until I got to camp. These days. I carry two 1 liter soda bottles and a 3L platy for camp because I like to purify my water for the next day the night before. In general, you don't need to carry that much water on the LT because it's so wet most of the time.

  3. I’m thru-hiking the Long Trial this June (it’s the time I have to do it), not ideal, but I am mentally prepared for the black flies et al. I am planning on using a HMG flat tarp. Questions: 1) can i get away with not having a bug bivy and not be too miserable? 2) Can you recommend a bug bivy that is lightweight and can be ordered within 1 month?

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