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Loucks Sesame Snaps

Loucks Sezme Sesame Snaps

Calories with Crunch

When engaged in hiking or any other sustained strenuous activity you need to be able to give yourself a quick calorie and blood sugar boost without taking a break to prepare a full meal or elaborate snack. Many people use various energy bars or gu for this purpose. But if you, like me, dislike eating food with ingredients that you can neither pronounce nor spell the choices are limited.

I also really like crunch for my snack. For years I have been eating peanut bars for this quick boost. (Planters makes the Planters Peanut Bar,  and Mars makes the Munch bar. Munch is somewhat harder to find but has a nice buttery taste.) They have a nice  balance of sugar for a quick jolt and fat for some sustained energy, also 6 grams of protein for those who care. The bars have approximately 220 to 230 calories (130 are fat calories) and sometimes I only need half a bar. I often find the half-eaten sticky remains days or weeks later. Of course you have to like peanuts and not  be hiking with someone who is allergic to peanuts.

Peanut -Free Hiking Snacks

My newest discovery are Loucks Sezme Sesame Snaps (available in quantity at Amazon). First off they are really yummy: they have a nice sweet crunch and a mild sesame taste that I think will appeal even to those who dislike nuts. The Sesame Snaps come packaged in cellophane as a stack of four thin rectangular wafers. So it is easy to share them, or to eat only half of a pack at a time.

The nutrition breakdown of the Sesame Snaps is very similar to that of the peanut bars: 230 calories, 130 fat; 7 grams protein; and as a nice surprise 7 grams fiber. These Loucks Sesame Snaps are my new favorite hiking (and non-hiking) snack.

This is a guest post by Captain Mouse, a writer, foodie and hiker, based near Boston, Massachusetts.  The author purchased this product with their own funds and then ate it.


  1. Ahhh yes, I agree. Those are THE BEST!!

  2. Good find. People have been enjoying and been sustained by these sweetened sesame crackers in the Middle East since prehistoric times. Let's do the unit analysis.

    1oz = 31 cents + 144 calories

    That works for me. Working off the size of the box, they seem a little fluffy? That makes them a treat.

  3. These are delicious. I don’t understand how one can find it easy to eat only 2 wafers (half a pack), however. I wanted more after 8 wafers,

  4. Just saw this review, and it should be clarified that these only have 2g of fiber. There are multiple images shown on Amazon of the nutrition info. One looks like an old box with a misprinted label. Still though, these are delicious.

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