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Sleeping Pad R Values

Sleeping Pad R Values

Sleeping Pad Insulation

A sleeping pad’s R-Value measures its ability to insulate you from cold ground and keep you warm. The higher the R value, the more effective it is. Sleeping Pad R value performance testing is done in a 70 F environment with no air movement. As such, it doesn’t reflect many real world conditions where you’d use a sleeping pad, so I recommend that you augment any gear selection that you make with field testing.

If you are interested in sleeping pads for early spring, late autumn or winter conditions, R-Value is additive. When it gets cold, I like to use two pads, a closed cell foam pad and an insulated inflatable one with a combined R-Value of at least 5.

For purposes of backpacking, you also need to factor in weight, comfort, compressibility, and rigidity when you make a sleeping pad selection. In addition, side sleepers may not receive the full R-value of benefit of an inflatable insulated pad because their bodies are not in full contact with the surface of the pad. This is particularly true for insulated sleeping pads that depend on your body heat to warm them up, including the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir product line, Exped’s DownMats and Big Agnes’ Insulated Pads.

Sleeping Pad R-Value Comparison

The following table provides a side by side comparison of the major sleeping pads available in the US market. The pad weights listed are sized for 72″ long x 20″ wide pads, though there are a few exceptions below. The R-Value of a pad should still remain the same if you select a longer, shorter, or wider variation of the pad. If a sleeping pad has a R-Value of “Not Available”, it’s because the manufacturer has not supplied one or R-value testing has not been performed.

MfgLowest Price (Click)R-ValueWeight (oz)ThicknessType
Big AgnesGreen Ridge1.5172.5Inflatable
Big AgnesAir Core1.5213.25Inflatable
Big AgnesInsulated Aircore4.1223.25Inflatable
Big AgnesDouble Stuffed Double Z 5.8244Inflatable
Big AgnesInsulated Q-Core5274Inflatable
Big AgnesInsulated Q-Core SL4.5173.5Inflatable
Big AgnesDouble Z1.5174Inflatable
Big AgnesTwo Track5.5362Self-Inflating
Big AgnesHinman5.5361.5Self-Inflating
Big AgnesQ-Core SLXNA174.25Inflatable
Big AgnesAir Core UltraNA223.5Inflatable
Big AgnesInsulated Air Core UltraNA233.5Inflatable
KlymitInertia X FrameNA9.11.5Inflatable
KlymitStatic V1.318.12.5Inflatable
KlymitInertia XLNA171.5Inflatable
KlymitInsulated Static V4.4252.5Inflatable
KlymitInertia X-LiteNA6.11.5Inflatable
KlymitInertia O ZoneNA12.21.75Inflatable
KlymitStatic V21.316.332.5Inflatable
KlymitX WaveNA10.51.5Inflatable
KlymitStatic V Luxe1.326.53Inflatable
KlymitInsulated Static V4.4252.5Inflatable
Sea-to-SummitComfort Light Mat1162.5Inflatable
Sea-to-SummitComfort Light Insulated Mat4.220.52.5Inflatable
Sea-to-SummitComfort Plus Mat2.5202.5Inflatable
Sea-to-SummitComfort Plus Insulated Mat525.52.5Inflatable
Sea-to-SummitUltralight Mat0.712.52Inflatable
Sea-to-SummitUltralight Insulated Mat3.315.52Inflatable
Therm-a-RestZ-lite SOL2.6140.75Closed Cell
Therm-a-RestZ Shield1.5120.38Closed Cell
Therm-a-RestProlite Womens3.0171.0Self-Inflating
Therm-a-RestNeoAir XLite3.2122.5Inflatable
Therm-a-RestNeoAir XLite Womens3.9122.5Inflatable
Therm-a-RestNeoAir XTherm5.7152.5Inflatable
Therm-a-RestNeoAir XLite Max SV3.2162.5Inflatable
Therm-a-RestNeoAir All Season4.9192.5Inflatable
Therm-a-RestNeoAir Trekker3172.5Inflatable
Therm-a-RestRidgerest Solar3.5190.79Closed Cell
Therm-a-RestRidgerest SOLite2.8141.5Closed Cell
Therma-RestProlite Plus3.4201.5Self-Inflating
Therma-RestProlite Plus Womens4.2201.5Self-Inflating
Therm-a-RestNeoAir Venutre WV1.8242Inflatable
Therm-a-RestTrail Pro4302Self-Inflating
Therm-a-RestWomens Trail Pro4.8302Self-Inflating
Therm-a-RestTrail Lite3.4281.5Self-Inflating
Therm-a-RestWomens Trail Lite4.9281.5Self-Inflating
Therm-a-RestTrail Scout3.4221Self-Inflating
Therm-a-RestRidgeRest Classic2.6140.625Closed Cell
Therm-a-RestNeoAir Dream6664Inflatable
Therm-a-RestNeoAir Camper2.2243Inflatable
Therm-a-RestLuxury MAP6.8523Self-Inflating
Therm-a-RestEvolite Plus3.2202.5Self-Inflating
Therm-a-RestLair Air2.2322Inflatable
Therm-a-RestNeoAir Voyager2.2232.5Inflatable
ExpedDownmat Lite 54.1212Inflatable
ExpedSynMat Lite 53.823.12Inflatable
ExpedDownmat 75.929.82.8Inflatable
ExpedDownmat UL 75.920.52.8Inflatable
ExpedDownmat 98343.5Inflatable
ExpedSynmat 74.929.92.8Inflatable
ExpedSynmat UL
ExpedSynmat 9625.43.5Inflatable
ExpedSynmat Hyperlite3.312.32.5Inflatable
ExpedSynmat Winterlite4.914.33.5Inflatable
ExpedDownmat Winterlite716.83.5Inflatable
ExpedSynmat 126524.7Inflatable
ExpedSyncell 52.925.62Inflatable
Gossamer GearNightlight2.274.90.75Closed Cell
NEMOAstro LiteNA143.5Inflatable
NEMOAstro InsulatedNA273.5Inflatable
NEMOAstro Insulated LiteNA193.5Inflatable
NEMOCosmo InsulatedNA293.5Inflatable
NEMONomad InsulatedNA606Inflatable
NEMOVector NA173Inflatable
NEMOVector InsulatedNA193Inflatable
NEMOTensor Mummy 20SNA83Inflatable
NEMOTensor InsulatedNA15.73Inflatable
NEMOTensor Field InsulatedNA173Inflatable
REIFlash Insulated3.2162.5Inflatable
REIAir Rail 1.54.2261.5Self-inflating
REIBlue Foam Pad1.47.50.38Closed Cell
REIKingdom Insulated3.5412.75Inflatable
REIStratus Insulated2.9292.5Inflatable
REICirrus Insulated2.8232.5Inflatable

Updated 2017.

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  1. The weight value for Blue Foam in the table is wrong. REI had it listed at 7.5 Oz for full size, but has recently corrected it to around 13 or 14.

  2. Whether you’re car camping, backpacking or just looking for a pad which can handle any outdoors sleeping duty in absolute comfort. You have shared a great content, hope this might help campers and hikers.

  3. Hi Philip, long time! Thanks so much for this info. It’s the only place on the internet I could find it in a pinch. You come through once again.
    -Erika K

  4. I have both Big Agnes Insulated Air Core (4.1 R value) and NeoAir XLite (3.2 R value) and tested them in my back yard on an icy night with the temperature in the teens. My back froze with the Big Agnes pad and I switched to the NeoAir pad and was plenty warm. Although the Big Agnes has a higher R value, for me, the reflective internal baffles seem to work better than the insulation. I have since spent a number of cold nights on the NeoAir and have never been uncomfortable.

    I just bought the XLite for women on MassDrop. It has a 3.9 R value and is a little shorter than my regular but will still work fine for me. The regular will go to my grandson, who has certainly outgrown his small one.

    I’ve also bought some of the insulated Klymit pads on MassDrop but haven’t given them a proper test yet. I may back yard test one in our next cold snap.

  5. Great overview of sleeping pads for comparison. Thanks!

  6. I have two Exped Megamat 10 LXW’s. They are by far the best pads I’ve ever slept on. They are self-inflating, are big, (30x78x4- I cover them with a fitted sheet to make a queen bed), and have straight sidewalls so you get the full width. I’m a side-sleeper, and these are very comfortable for me. They also each have an R-value of 9.5. I’ve used these in sub-zero temps, and they never transmit any cold. Very expensive ($200+ each), but highly recommended!

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