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Trekking the Southern Appalachians

Trekking the Southern Appalachians

I was going through my hiking bookshelves the other day and I came across Trekking The Southern Appalachians published by Backpacker Magazine. I don’t remember every buying it and anything published by Backpacker Magazine is, well, suspect. Boy, was I ever surprised when I started leafing through this book!

This is an awesome guide to the Southern Appalachians in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennassee, full of very strenuous backpacking routes including section of the Benton MacKaye Trail, the Foothills Trail, the Bartram Trail, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, The Art Loeb Trail, and the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. Seriously, after reading this book and checking out the pictures of these places they pass through, I am going to have to hike some of these trails!

There are 25 hikes listed in the book range from 2-3 days to a week and are a minimum of 30 mile in length. Each hike has a day-by-day itinerary as well as suggested camps for the evening. Daily mileage ranges from 10-15 miles and there is a description of water availability, shuttle logistics, and suggested maps for each hike.

This book was a pleasant surprise. I still can’t remember buying it, but it’s a keeper.

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  1. ..still working on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, and if anyone is in the area and wants to volunteer, check out Friends of the Mountains-To-Sea Trail (

  2. Maybe it was a gift? Hidden surprises are always nice.

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