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Warbonnet Diamondback Quilt Review

Warbonnet Diamondback Quilt 10F Review

The Warbonnet Diamondback Quilt is a well-designed, high-quality backpacking quilt for use either in hammocks or on the ground. It has a 15D shell and liner, comes in a number of sizes, and has several color configurations. With 19.5 oz of 900-fill down goose down, it’s good for winter use or three-season use for cold sleepers. Personally, I have found it to be quite warm in temperatures ranging down to 15 degrees F. It also costs significantly less than some comparable premium quilts making it an exceptional value.

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Specs at a Glance

  • Product Tested: Custom 10 Degree Warbonnet Diamondback Quilt
  • Temperature Rating: 10 degrees, F.
  • Insulation: 19.5 oz of 900 fill power goose down (HyperDry)
  • Fabrics: 15d Shell, 15d liner
  • Weight: 30.14 oz (g) claimed; 33.5oz (g) measured
  • Dimensions: 73” length, 60” shoulder girth, 42” footbox
  • Differential Cut: Yes
  • Footbox Style: Sewn (WideMouth)
  • Draft Collar: Yes
  • Pad Clips and Attachment Kit: Yes
  • Adjustable Side Elastics: Yes
  • Overfill: 900  fil power goose down + 1 oz
  • Overfill Location: Torso
  • Extras: stuff sack, mesh storage bag, two sleeping pad attachment straps
  • For complete specs visit the Warbonnet website

Quilt Shell and Liner Fabrics

The Warbonnet Stock Diamondback Quilt is offered with a 15d nylon shell and liners (20d in camo). The 15d fabric is the sweet spot in terms of comfort and durability and is quite comfortable to use. There are numerous colors available – see the Warbonnet website for specifics.

The Diamondback is stuffed with 19.5 oz of 900-fill down.
The Diamondback is stuffed with 19.5 oz of 900-fill down.

Down Insulation

The Warbonnet Custom Diamondback is available with 900 fill Premium Goose down as well as 850 fill Premium Duck down. Both products are RDS-certified and are treated with PFC-free HyperDry DWR. I opted for 1 oz of overfill over the torso, bringing the total weight of my insulation to 20.5 oz.

Sizing and Dimensions

The Warbonnet Diamondback Quilt comes in nine size options: short, regular, and long lengths, and 50, 55, and 60” widths. All of these have a 42” circumference footbox. I have been using the regular length, 60” width quilt and it fits my 5’ 10”, frame nearly perfectly.

For reference, the 60″ wide model is 60″ wide from about your elbows to just past your hips: from there it tapers slightly toward the foot and head ends. The 60″ model adds a 5″ baffle to both sides: this extra pair of baffles run from the top of the quilt to just above the footbox gusset and is tapered. By adding extra width only where it’s needed these side baffles are shorter and lighter, giving you extra width with less weight penalty.

The diamond-shaped baffles in the middle of the quilt are designed to keep the down from shifting
The diamond-shaped baffles in the middle of the quilt are designed to keep the down from shifting

Quilt Construction

The Diamondback has diamond-shaped baffles in the top of the quilt to separate the baffles into two zones, a top zone over the torso and a bottom zone over the legs. This prevents the down from shifting between the zones and makes it possible to overstuff each half independently. Having shorter baffles also means that it takes less time to fluff the down insulation before use so you can get under the covers and warm up sooner.

The Diamondback also has a differential cut meaning that the outer shell is wider and longer than the inner. This allows you to press your knees, toes, or elbows against opposite sides, tensioning the inner layer in the process, but without fully compressing the down like you would with a non-differential cut quilt. Differential-cut quilts are more time-consuming to make and thus they are usually more expensive than non-differential-cut quilts. They’re also slightly lower in weight because less fabric is used.

I selected the sewn Widemouth foot box option in this custom-built quilt, which is higher volume than a more traditional round footbox. It’s designed for people with a US shoe size greater than 10 allows for more foot splay, more space between your ankles, and a much roomier feeling footbox in general. For a cold-weather quilt, I recommend sticking with a sewn and closed footbox instead of a zippered on you can vent because it’ll be warmer and less drafty.

The neck opening has a secure snap, an effective baffle, and easy-to-use cordlocks for adjusting the diameter of the opening
The neck opening has a secure snap, an effective baffle, and easy-to-use cordlocks for adjusting the diameter of the opening

Draft Collar and Closure

The Warbonnet Diamondback comes stock with a draft collar. It is essentially a tube of down sewn to the head opening and can be either tucked inside or pulled outside of the quilt and around one’s face. It effectively seals out drafts most effectively and keeps warm air sealed inside the bag so it can’t escape.

The draft collar on the Diamondback is comparatively large providing a significant advantage in cold weather. The neck opening closes behind your neck with a secure snap. It’s easy to use and doesn’t pop open when tossing and turning in the middle of the night. The neck opening can be cinched using cordlocks on either side of your head and is also easy to adjust without contortions.

There is a cordlock at the base of th eback opening, which when tensioned pulls the sides in and under your torso.
There is a cordlock at the base of the back opening, which when tensioned pulls the sides (side elastics) in and under your torso.

Sleeping Pad Attachment System and Side Elastics

The Warbonnet Diamondback utilizes a side elastic system similar to UGQ’s Dynamic Tension Control System and the ETC (edge tension control) found on Nunatak quilts. Shockcord runs through a channel along the interior edge of the quilt. If you cinch it tight it pulls the interior edges of the quilt in toward and under your sides to block drafts from chilling you. It works very well and partially negates the need for pad attachment straps.

The Diamondback uses the same wafer based clips used by other premium quilt manufacturers.
The Diamondback uses the same wafer-based clips used by other premium quilt manufacturers.

The Diamondback’s Pad Attachment system uses center-release buckles (aka wafer clips which are used by many quilt makers) and 5/8″ elastic webbing. It comes with one straight strap and one looped strap and has clips on each side of the quilt. You stick your sleeping pad through the looped strap in order to keep the quilt on the pad while you sleep. If you need to get up at night, you can release one side of the clips and pull back the quilt like a blanket or simply wiggle out of the top of the quilt and back in again afterward. Pad attachment systems are best used (in my opinion) with inflatable sleeping pads because the straps bite into the sides of the pad and are less prone to migration.

Temperature Rating

Zero degrees is an interesting temperature rating for a quilt. A lot of people (including myself) start veering towards mummy bags at temperatures below about 20 degrees because they don’t suffer from side drafts the way that quilts can and because a mummy hood, which often includes a draft collar, is much more foolproof, even if it is less comfortable and more constraining.

Having used the Diamondback in cold temperatures, the draft collar and side elastics go a long way to making the use of a 10-degree quilt a lot more palatable for ground use. That and the fact that Warbonnet’s temperature ratings are conservative. Provided you use a sleeping pad with an R-value of five or better and you wear an insulated hood or down-filled hooded jacket, sleeping in a 10-degree quilt can be quite warm and comfortable. If drafts are still a problem, I suggest investing in an ultralight bivy sack made with solid fabric that will completely block them.

Warbonnet’s widemouth footbox has a significantly wider diameter allowing for more foot splay, more space between your ankles…and a much roomier feeling footbox in general.
Warbonnet’s widemouth footbox has a significantly wider diameter allowing for more foot splay, more space between your ankles…and a much roomier feeling footbox in general.

Comparable Premium Top Quilts

Make / ModelFeaturesType
Enlightened Equipment Revelation QuiltDown or Synthetic Insulation, Drawstring Footbox, UL Fabrics, Draft Collar Option,
Many Colors Available.
Stock, Custom
Katabtic Gear Alsek 22 QuiltDifferential Cut, Draft Collar, Overfill Available.Stock
Hammock Gear Burrow QuiltZipper or Sewn Footbox, Overfill Available, Many Colors Available.Stock, Custom
REI Magma 30 QuiltDraft Collar, Drawstring Footbox, Multiple Widths and LengthsStock
Enlightened Equipment Convert Sleeping QuiltDown or Synthetic Insulation, Drawstring Footbox, Full Length Zipper, Dual Draft Tubes, Many Colors Available.Stock, Custom
Warbonnet Diamondback QuiltZipper or Sewn Footbox, Draft Collar Option,Side Elastics Option, Overfill Available, Many Colors Available.Stock, Custom
Hyperlite Mtn Gear 20-Degree QuiltBox Baffled Construction, Body-mapped Insulation, Sewn FootboxStock
Zpacks Classic Sleeping QuiltBox Baffled Construction, Overstuffed, 3/4 Zipper, UL Fabric.Stock
Feathered Friends Flicker UL BagDrawstring Footbox, Full Length Zipper, Dual Draft Tubes.Stock
Nunatak Arc UL QuiltDifferential Cut, Draft Collar, Edge Tension Control, UL Fabrics, Quilt Layering Snaps, Overfill AvailableCustom


The Warbonnet Diamondback Quilt is a very warm, reasonably priced quilt with a draft collar, effective side elastics, and a standard wafer-based pad attachment system. The design, construction, and materials are top-notch.

Disclosure: Warbonnet donated a quilt for this review.

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  1. I have 4 topquilts from 4 different manufacturers (all on your list) and the Diamondback is easily the best one. I don’t switch to a bag in winter and have zero issues. The side elastics were a complete game changer. I’m not sure if other manufacturers offer this service, but I sent WB an older quilt to have the down reused in the new one which saved a ton on top of their already competitive prices.

  2. I got a 40 and 20 diamondback over the summer but have only used the 40. It is the first quilt that is truly comfort rated I have owned after trying a couple models from other popular cottage makers. With 2oz overstuff I am fully warm at 40, cool feet at 35, and somewhat cold at 29 (actual temps per my Govee). Considering I had frozen feet in my old 40 at 40, this is amazing performance.

    Their quality and thoughtfulness in design is only surpassed by Nunutak (because they really can’t be beat). But you get 98% of nunutak quality at almost half the price.

    My only complaint is my quilts came in a couple oz over spec and are not the lightest in general, but I’ll forgive that after a warm night’s sleep. Good sleep > two oz weight savings (or even a few oz)

    Warb flies under the radar but their gear has over performed my expectations every time. These quilts offer the best overall value in sleep systems today. I also love their wookie XL, easily the best performing and lowest fuss underquilt I have used. Once you try an Asym UQ, you never go back to symmetrical uqs.

  3. I purchased a 850 zero-degree Diamondback with 1 oz overstuff as well and camping has never been more comfortable. I used this quilt exclusively this summer in the Colorado Rockies, down to 25 degrees a few weekends ago, and slept like a baby, nice and warm, when paired with my Big Agnes sleeping pad. Don’t even need the sleeping pad straps with the shock cord in the rear. The differential cut is well worth the money, no more cold spots when pressed up tight against the sleeping bag.

    When shopping I was between the Katabatic and Warbonnet. I chose the Diamondback because of the ability to order custom colors (I got a Blue exterior, red interior, and yellow draft collar and it is beautiful!) and the baffles seem like they will not allow down to settle as much as horizontal baffles (over analyzing brain).

    Could not recommend this quilt enough! 100 percent worth every penny. So happy with my purchase and the quality. Not only for this quilt but for another several items from Warbonnet Outdoors.

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