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Great Balls of Fire!

Hiker’s Jock Itch: Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

If you’re experiencing a persistent chafing sensation in your groin that won’t go away, you may have jock itch (tinea crusis) a fungal infection  similar to athlete’s foot, common to hikers and backpackers (both male and female) that causes persistent itching, burning, cracking, and scaling of skin in the genital area. Backpackers are particularly good targets for […]

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Heat Exhaustion

A Close Call with Heat Exhaustion

I didn’t put two and two together when I was experiencing the symptoms of heat exhaustion during a high exertion hike last week, but after a friend pointed it out to me, I realized that I’d had a close call. While I’d taken precautions against the sunlight and heat such as drinking plenty of water, monitoring […]

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Outdoor Research BugOut Gaiters

Hiking and Lyme Disease: Revised estimates from the CDC indicate US infection rate is 10 times more prevalent than previously reported

Hikers and backpackers are at increased risk for contracting Lyme Disease. This is something I’ve written about extensively on SectionHiker and is worth reiterating at the beginning of each hiking season. Revised numbers from the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control) reflect that they have been under-reporting Lyme disease. Instead of the 30,000 cases a […]

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How to Clean a Camelbak Hydration Reservoir

How to Clean a Camelbak Hydration Reservoir

If you use a Camelbak Hydration Reservoir you’re going to want to keep it, its hose , and bite valve clean. If you just drink water, you can store it empty in the freezer or dry it out after each use and nothing bad will grow in it. But if you put any kind of […]

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