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Rolls of Leukotape are awkward to pack, so it's best to cut it into strips and store them in your first aid kit

How to Pack Leukotape Blister Tape in a First Aid Kit

Leukotape is an very sticky first aid tape that long distance hikers often wear on their feet to prevent blisters. Once you put it on, it will stick for days, even if you get it wet, although it’s easy to pull off when you want to remove it. Leukotape is best used as a preventative over potential […]

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Homemade Ultralight First Aid Kit

Homemade Ultralight First Aid Kit

While it’s tempting to buy a commercial first aid kit for hiking and backpacking, they’re often overpriced ($30 for Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight and Watertight .7 Medical Kit) incomplete, heavy, and expensive to refill with the tiny packets of medicine that they try to sell you. I’ve found it to be much less expensive and […]

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Don't Shoot! I'm a hiker.

Time for Blaze Orange. It’s Deere Hunting Season

You can probably guess what I’m going to say. It’s DEERE season again and you should wear blaze orange if you plan to hike in areas where hunters (or heavy equipment operators guarding their backhoes) are likely to be present. Blaze Orange Clothing for Hikers It’s surprisingly difficult to find good (not cotton) blaze orange hiking […]

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Karen, a Leave No Trace Master Educator, brushing her teeth on the Appalachian Trail

Leave No Trace Toothbrushing

Maintaining dental hygiene is just as important when backpacking and camping as it is at home. But the question arises, what’s the best way to practice leave no trace toothbrushing and rinse out the toothpaste in your mouth after your brush? My answer may surprise you. Swallow It! While many leave no trace practitioners advocate […]

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Thunderstorm Activity for the Appalachian Trail in Stratton, Maine

How to Avoid Thunderstorms While Hiking and Backpacking

I am very cautious when hiking during thunderstorm season, especially above treeline where these is no protection from lightning, hail, and high winds. I’ve just had too many calls where thunderstorms have caught me out in the open and scared me half to death with their fury. While I can peacefully sleep through storms like this […]

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