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You can buy a pre-mixed Permethrin soluton like Sawyer Permethrin or dilute a highly concentrated form with water if you need to treat bulky gear or many clothes in order to save money

Permethrin Soak Method Guide

Permethrin is an insect repellant and insecticide that bonds to fabric and can be used on your clothes, tent, or hammock to prevent Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, or the Zika Virus by killing ticks, mosquitos, and insects that land on your stuff. The liquid Permethrin application techniques discussed below are only for treating clothing […]

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Twenty below zero on a winter hike

Cold Weather Induced Asthma

I vividly remember the first time I experienced cold weather induced asthma. It was the same day my camera froze. It was 20 degrees below zero and we were climbing two mountains in New Hampshire’s Pemigewasset Wilderness. I remember a tightness in my chest and shortness of breath. We got down ok, but I carried an inhaler for a […]

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Hiking in Hot Weather on the Maine, AT

Chafing and How to Prevent It

There’s nothing worse than chafing on a hike – chafing between your thighs or butt cheeks. It is absolute agony when you can’t stop because your schedule or a limited supply of food requires that you keep hiking. Here are a few tips to prevent chafing or worst case, how to treat it, while you […]

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Ex Officio Mesh Boxers are the most popular type of hiking uderwear with SectionHiker readers

How Many Pairs of Underwear Do You Bring on a Backpacking Trip?

How many pairs of underwear do you take when backpacking? While some people (like myself) only bring one pair, no matter the length of the trip, most SectionHiker readers bring two pairs on multi-day trips, one to wear, and one to wash while hiking. The vast majority of SectionHiker readers prefer Ex-officio underwear for backpacking trips […]

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