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Grabber Hand Warmers

grabber-hand-warmersLast winter, my wife bought me some Grabber Hand Warmers to heat up my sleeping bag in cold weather. I didn’t pay much attention to them for almost a year until I tried one last weekend and I was blown away. These are so cool.

Each warmer heats up to about 135 degrees F and really lasts for the entire 10 hours. To use, you open the package and tear the inner pouch open. Each pouch contains what looks like a big tea bag and starts to heat up immediately when it is exposed to air.

Here’s the cool part. Each one of these big tea bags contains powdered Iron, vermiculite, activated carbon and salt. When exposed to air, the iron start to rust producing an intense chemical reaction that produces the heat. This is a 100% natural process using 100% natural ingredients.

So if you are cold sleeper, just open one of these before you get into your sleeping bag and you’ll stay very toasty all night. Plus at only 1.9 oz. per packet, these are a luxury item that even the meanest ultralight backpacker can weight justify for a wintertime camping trip. And at $1.29 each, they’re inexpensive too.

Grabber makes these warmers in a number of different sizes: for toes, feet, hands,or body-sized,  Try these and let me know what you think of them.

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  1. I swear by these. They have literally been lifesavers (or at the very least, finger and toe savers). I used them again this weekend when I was sleeping out in close to zero F conditions and slept like a baby.

    Through trial and error I've found the most efficient method for me is to place one on the left side of my chest below the heart, and one each on the inner thigh as far up as is comfortable (so they warm the femoral arteries). Just make sure you stick them over your base layer and not directly to the skin, or you'll get a terrible rash – something else I learned from trial and error…

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