Backpacking Skills

How to Select a Winter Tent Site

Winter Tent Site

If you go backpacking in winter, you need to know how to select a good tent or camping spot. Three season rules do not apply! Picking the right site will definitely increase your level of comfort, but can also protect you from …

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Hiker Foreplay: The Tick Check

The Tick Check Position

It’s widely known that day hikers have the best sex lives in the hiking community, followed by section hikers, and lastly thru-hikers who smell so bad and are so exhausted after hiking 20-25 miles per day, week in and week out, that …

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Rab Vapor Barrier Socks Review

Mountaineering Boot Layering System

If you’re used to thinking about layering in winter, forget what you know, because vapor barrier clothing helps you stay warm and dry in a radically different way than conventional layering approaches. Vapor barrier clothing is not breathable and is normally worn …

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Hillsound Super Armadillo Nano Gaiters Review

Bomb-proof Supercloth Spike Guards

Hillsound Super Armadillo Nano Gaiters are made with an armored material called SuperFabric. It’s covered with small epoxy circles that act as armor and prevent you from spearing or slashing yourself with a front point. I’ve (inadvertently) tried to stick myself a …

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Kahtoola Nanospikes Traction Device Review


Kahtoola Nanospikes are a lightweight winter traction device compatible with trail runners, most street shoes, and winter boots. They weigh about half as Kahtoola Microspikes and have much smaller traction points, resembling tire studs, that are designed to provide traction on trails …

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How to use an Ice Axe

Ice axe self-arrest

An ice axe is an essential safety tool for winter hiking and climbing. With proper instruction, it is easy to learn the basics and serves as a foundation for all subsequent winter hiking and mountaineering skills. If you’re new to winter hiking …

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Winter Hiking Skills: Crampon Walking Technique

There’s no doubt that Kahtoola Microspikes revolutionized winter traction and opened up winter hiking to a much wider audience. Before microspikes came along, most hikers had to purchase mountaineering boots and crampons if they wanted to hike on icy trails, which required …

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