Winter Hiking

The Summit is Optional

This past Tuesday, I heard a great talk on Winter Hiking Safety given by Mohamed Ellozy, a leader with the Boston AMC Winter Backpacking Program and former Appalachia Magazine accidents editor. I thought I'd summarize the key points he made during his talk and the accident summary he related us …

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How to Build a Quinzhee Snow Shelter

Quinzhee Snow Shelter

As I was following the discussion of the expense and weight of winter tents, I thought of a shelter I used for an overnight backpack I did a couple of years ago. The total weight of everything I needed for my shelter was less than two pounds and it cost …

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Winter Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking Resources

Winter Campsite Preparation

Winter camping, hiking, backpacking and mountaineering are not without peril. If you have never done them, it’s best to receive some training from your local outdoor club or a professional guiding service before you try it yourself. I just started last year myself after a three-day Intro to Mountaineering Class …

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How to Sharpen Crampons

CAMP Nanotech XLC Crampons

With winter just around the bend, this is a good time to start thinking about checking your winter hiking gear and sharpening your crampons. Crampons work best when they’re sharp enough to assertively bite into ice. The problem is that they wear down with use, especially if you hike or …

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Preventing Dehydration in Winter

Hiking up to Mt Garfield in Winter

If you’re not careful, it’s very easy to become dehydrated in the winter particularly if you’re engaged in sports like snowshoeing, backcountry skiing or mountaineering. Under these conditions, it’s not enough to be on the lookout for yellow pee; you need to hydrate before exertion and regularly during all outdoor …

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How to Use Crampons

Crampons for Leather Hiking Boots

If you’re not familiar with crampons, here are a few videos which will help you to understand how to attach them to your boots and the basic techniques required to use them on ice. If you think that using crampons for winter hiking or climbing might be  exciting to try, …

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