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Tarp Shelter Reviews

Ultralight Bivy Sack Guide

Mountain Laurel Designs Superlight Bivy Sack

Ultralight bivy sacks are used by backpackers using floorless shelters to protect their sleeping bag or quilt from moisture and their head from biting insects, as a kind of substitute for the inner tent that you find in more conventional double wall tent setups. They’re basically sleeping bag covers with a waterproof floor that have …

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The Problem with Pyramid Shelters

MLD TrailStar Pitched Low

The problem with many pyramid style shelters (such as the MLD Duomid, the Solomid, and the Trailstar to name a few) is that they suffer from low angled walls which reduce the amount of usable interior space inside. Granted, all lightweight backpacking shelters are compromises between comfort, function, weatherproofness, and weight, …

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What is a Ray Way Tarp?

Ray Way Kit Tarp

If you’re starting to think about camping under a tarp, you will probably come across references to something called a Ray Way tarp. This refers to a shaped tarp design developed by Ray Jardine, one of the early proponents of modern ultralight backpacking, and author of the lightweight backpacking classic, …

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