Tarp Shelter Reviews

Paria Outdoors Sanctuary Siltarp Review

Paria Sanctuary Siltarp Review

The Paria Outdoors Sanctuary Siltarps are a series of ultralight budget silicone/PU coated nylon tarps that come in various shapes (square, rectangular, hex and tapered) and sizes. For this review, we tested the lightest and most minimal size, the tapered A-frame tarp. …

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Hilleberg Tarp 5 Backpacking Tarp Review

It's easy to adapt the 5-sided Tarp 5 to the local environment, using trees as well as stakes to erect unique shelter shapes.

The Hilleberg Tarp 5 is an unconventional, five-sided tarp that weighs 11.3 oz, including guylines and line tensioners. Most backpacking and hammock tarps are four-sided rectangles or six-sided hexagon shapes, so a five-sided tarp is a real departure from the norm. That’s …

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Ray-Way Tarp Kit Review

Ray-way Tarp Kit Review

The Ray-Way Tarp Kit is an excellent introduction to MYOG (make-your-own-gear) and for a reasonable price, makes a lightweight and highly-packable shelter which is flexible for many situations. I have used a Ray-Way Tarp as my primary solo and 2-person shelter since …

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