Stove Reviews

Soto WindMaster Canister Stove

Soto Windmaster Canister Stove

The Soto WindMaster Canister Stove is more windproof and uses less fuel to boil the same amount of water than other canister stoves. This includes the Soto OD-1R Microregulator stove and the Soto Amicus. The chief difference between these stoves is the …

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Jetboil Stove Guide: How to Choose

Jetboil Backpacking Stove Guide How to Choose

Jetboil’s camping cooking systems integrate a cook pot and stove into a highly efficient cooking system that was easy-to-use, fast, and completely self-contained. Below, we explain how to choose between the different Jetboil cooking systems so you can find the one that …

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Jetboil Zip Stove Review

Jetboil zip stove review

The Jetboil Zip is a complete canister stove system that includes an insulated cooking pot, top lid, stove burner, measuring cup, and stand. It’s large enough to carry a small-sized 100 g canister inside and packs together into a small and compact unit …

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AOTU Ultralight Backpacking Canister Stove

Ultralight Canister Camping Stove by JOGR

The AOTU “Orange” lightweight canister backpacking stoves only costs $20.44 and is a best-buy for normal camping and backpacking use. We consider it one of the 10 best backpacking stoves because it’s such a good deal compared to similar and much more …

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Solo Stove Lite Wood Stove Review

Solo Lite Stove Review

I’ve like using the Solo Lite Stove when I feel like having a fire at night for cooking and mood enhancement but don’t want to build one from scratch. For longer trips where you don’t have access to a resupply point, cooking …

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Olicamp Ion Micro Titanium Stove Review

The tiny Olicamp Ion Micro Titanium Stove might be the lightest canister stove in the world, but is it Stupidlight?

The Olicamp Ion Micro Titanium Canister Stove is tiny and cute but is quite limited in the value it provides. Under-powered, over-priced, with a very small pot stand, and poor wind resistance, you’d be better off getting a slightly heavier, more powerful, …

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Toaks Titanium Wood Stove Review

Toaks Titanium Wood Stove

The Toaks Titanium Wood Stove is a can-style wood gas stove that weighs 7.9 ounces and can be used to burn wood on camping and backpacking trips. It’s an inverted double-wall gasifier stove that burns wood and smoke more efficiently than a single walled …

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