Stoves and Cookware

Danger: Rusted Isobutane Canisters

Snowpeak and JetBoil isobutane canisters have a tendency to rust more than canisters from MSR

Don’t throw away the plastic cap that comes with an isobutane canister and don’t lose it. It’s the only thing that will keep the Lindal valve from rusting. When the valve rusts, it can start to leak gas. I had this happen to me last year after a backpacking trip. …

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Evernew Titanium Pot 1.3L Review

Evernew Titanium Pot

Ultralight Titanium Camping Pots I use an Evernew Titanium Pot (1.3 L) for melting snow for winter hiking and camping. It only weighs 4.8 oz, which is pretty respectable for a winter cook pot. It’s a little larger than the 900 ml Evernew Titanium Pasta Pot (Medium) that I normally …

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Light My Fire – Fire Steel

Fire Steel

Every backpacker or hiker should carry a fire steel with them in their emergency gear repair kit. This is one emergency preparedness and survival tool that you should never be without. If you’re not familiar with fire steels, they consist of two components a metal striker and a magnesium rod. When …

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Vargo Titanium Non-Stick Pot

Vargo Titanium Pot

Brain Vargo makes some really nice Titanium camping cookware that’s lightweight and very functional. This little pot has a capacity of 0.9 Liters and weighs 3.9 oz on my digital scale, but a 1.3 Liter model is also available for $10 more that weighs 4.9 oz. You’ll notice that the …

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Wood Gas Stoves: Second Thoughts

Solo Woodstove

No Backpacking Stove Fuel I’ve had my eye on wood gas stoves for a while because I Iike the idea of having a stove where you don’t have to carry fuel. If you’re going to be out for 4 or 5 days the amount of denatured alcohol or isobutane canister fuel …

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MYOG: Freezer Bag Cooking Cozy

Freezer Bag Cozy

If you’re into Freezer Bag Cooking, then you should consider bringing along a freezer bag cozy to keep your food warm while it re-hydrates. This it particularly helpful in the early spring, autumn, and in the wintertime when colder weather will quickly cool hot water in an uninsulated Ziploc bag. …

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Snow Peak Trek 700 Titanium Pot

Snowpeak Gigapower Stove

I’m into freezer bag cooking. It’s fast, it’s easy, you can prepare healthy and hearty meals, and best of all there is no cleanup. So when I cook breakfast or dinner on a backpacking trip all I need to do is to boil water and use it to rehydrate my …

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