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Good To-Go Bibimbap and Mexican Quinoa Bowl Dehydrated Dinners

Good To-Go Dehydrated Gourmet Backpacking and Camping Meals
Good To-Go Dehydrated Gourmet Backpacking and Camping Meals

Good To-Go to go is a gourmet backpacking and camping meal company that makes really tasty dehydrated foods. They’ve been in business a few years and have been slowly adding meals to their menu, including two new ethnic meals, a spicy Korean dish called Bibimbap and a smokey Mexican Quinoa Bowl that features a mole poblano sauce.

All of Good To-Go’s dinners require boiling water to rehydrate, but the required soak tim is 20 minutes, which seems like an awfully long time to wait when you’re ravenously hungry after a full day of hiking. But the ends justify the means, because their dinners taste so delicious that you’re going to want seconds and thirds. Pro-tip: extend the meals with instant rice, soaked separately, to sop up the extra sauce and make the meals go farther. 

Good To-Go Bibimbap is a spicy korean dish that disappears fast!
Good To-Go Bibimbap is a spicy Korean dish that disappears fast!.


Try saying that fast. Bibimbap is a spicy Korean dish made with rice, carrots, carrots and sesame that’s probably my favorite Good To-Go meal so far. It has a kick, but it’s not that intense. A Korean staple, the key ingredient of bibimbap is gochujang, a deep red, spicy and immensely flavorful sauce made from Korean chilis and fermented miso. You’ll want a double portion of this one. Tastes like it’s freshly made when rehydrated. The Bibimbap is vegan and gluten-free.

Good To-Go's Mexican Quinoa Bowl combines butternut squash, black beans, and mole poblano sauce
Good To-Go’s Mexican Quinoa Bowl combines butternut squash, black beans, and mole poblano sauce.

Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Good To-Go’s Mexican Quinoa Bowl combines butternut squash, black beans, and quinoa with a model poblano sauce made with ancho chiles, cinnamon, coriander and cumin, finished with organic cacao powder. It’s pretty good, but not as memorable as the Bibimbap. The Mexican Quinoa Bowl is vegan.

Two new meals from Good To-Go. Give your taste buds a treat on the trail and a change from the norm.

Written 2017.

Disclosure: Good To-Go provided me with sample meals but I wasn’t under any obligation to review them. 

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  1. How do these compare in price to other dehydrated meals? The double servings (~700kCals total) seem to run $11-16 which seems a bit high. I understand they are tasty, which is worth something.

    • They’re really quite tasty – kind of like good takeout on the trail. But they are very expensive, so I s-t-r-e-t-c-h the asian ones by adding instant rice to them. That provides better sauce utilization and more calories. They’re nice for a change of pace, but you’d go broke if you tried to thru-hike with them. They are also fairly in sodium if that matters.
      see also:

    • After reading the ingredients in the Mountain House and comparing them to the Good to Go I was willing to pay $4 more for two servings
      EMS also carries the Weekender, its two single serving entrees and granola for $20. That and a few bars and I’m on the trail for the weekend

  2. I’m not adverse to some spice or kick but the Bimimbab was unedible for me. I bought 2 of each of their offerings including the oatmeal directly from Good to Go to sample. I appreciate the quality and lack of junk but the taste test leaves me lacking and still searching. The oatmeal is good, I give that 2 thumbs up.

  3. Bibimbap; 370 calories, 9 grams of protein for $6.75 and tastes terrible vs
    Good to Go Oatmeal 490 calories, 16 grams of protein for $6.50 and tastes great.

    They are all around the same cost and we are paying for max. calories, protein,convenience and taste in no particular order. I don’t understand your review and comments here, You are promoting the Bibimbap which I’m sure you would admit isn’t for everyone, while totally disregarding something a lot of people will eat. And, as some would say most important meal of the day, gets you going in the morning vs having the Bibimbap, which will be getting you going the wrong way in the morning if you had it the night before.

    • I didn’t review their Oatmeal meal. You brought it up. I happen to think it’s extraordinarily expensive for Oatmeal which you can bulk up with calories, protein, and fat quite easily if you buy the generic stuff sold at the store.

      I guess, I’m not as willing to pay for convenience as you are. At least for breakfast. Dinner is a different story.

  4. I love these meals. I’ve used 3 or 4 different dinners on a regular basis for section hikes. It might be expensive for a thru hike as you say. I will typically boil water first thing when I get to camp. And work on camp chores while the meals soaks. I always eat a whole 2 serving package and extend the calories with cheese or crackers. I agree that the oatmeal and granola are be too pricey for a typically easy and cheap breakfast. My favorite meal is the smokey 3 bean chili which I only take on solo hikes ;).

  5. I only tried the Thai Curry flavor. While the texture is not the least similar as those you get from the restaurant (Actually it’s a weird texture), its sweet and spicy flavor remind you of curry. There’s also lots of vegetable mix in this packet but they take a long time to be fully hydrated. The best part for savoring this is to have it as dinner.

    • I’ve tried several of their meals and found that complete rehydration of the vegetables can be tricky. I’ve taken to placing the pouch in a cozy for the recommended time which seems to work better. I suppose the retained heat facilitates things.

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