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Green Superfeet Insoles

Green Superfeet Insoles

Shoe Insoles

If you don’t already use Superfeet insoles in your hiking boots, you should. They provide your feet with far better shock absorption than factory insoles. I started using them in my leather hiking boots over 3 years ago after a painful episode of plantar fasciitis (heel pain) that sidelined me for about 3 months.

I first learned about Superfeet from a trained boot fitter at REI who helped me select a new pair of boots after my plantar fasciitis episode had cleared up. She recommended that I try green Superfeet in order to prevent my foot’s arch from falling as I walk.

Foot Anatomy

Without proper support, your foot tries to flatten when you take a step, the ligaments that run lengthwise along the bottom of your feet stretch out, and then snap back when you lift your foot. If you do this over and over, thousands of times a day, the ligaments can become inflamed and cause pain where they attach to the heel.

Superfeet prevent your arch from flattening by adding a stiff plastic bolster to the insole. They also correct over-pronation or supination using a deep heel cup area to cradle the back of your foot.

For grins, take the foot beds out of your current boots or trail shoes and take a look at them. Chances are that they’re flimsy in comparison.

Fitting a pair of superfeet

Trimming SuperFeet Insoles

To fit a pair of SuperFeet insoles in a pair of boots, take your existing insole and place it on top of a Superfeet foot bed. Then draw a line around the factory insole and cut the excess of the Superfeet foot bed so that it will fit in your boot or shoe. In the picture above, I’ve used the Superfeet foot beds in my leather hiking boots as a template for the Superfeet insoles that I put into my new plastic mountaineering boots this morning.

When you start wearing a new pair of Superfeet, they will feel a bit hard, but they will become a bit more comfortable after 50 miles of walking. I replace them every season, which for me is about 500 miles, but your mileage may vary.

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  1. I saw another person on the Keen boots website mention the Green Superfeet. I’m going to try it in my new pair of Keen Liberty Ridge boots.


  2. These are great, especially with trail runners.

  3. I love these. Best thing ever.

  4. I use the Berry Superfeet – as they are designed for narrow heels on women. They also offer toe padding as well :) And work on the plantar as well! I have a pair in my trail runners and in my hiking boots.

  5. Ditto. I’m not digging mine at all.

  6. Thanks for a real down-to-earth and useful guide to Superfeet. I've been wanting to slip a pair inside my main hikers for a while now, and have been hesitant to.

    After reading this review, and the responses to it, I'm going out and grabbing a pair. I'm hiking the PCT this next year, and had considered supplementing the stock insoles…this makes me feel like a new pair of Superfeet needs to appear with every new pair of shoes on the PCT for me. Thanks!


    • Hey, Dug

      How id the hike go with the superfeet green insoles? I did 10.5 miles in some hiking shoes thinking it would be okay with my picky left arch, but the pain is still there (without my superfeet green installed). Doing more hikes in the next week or so and wondering if I should throw my sf green insoles in there. Thanks!

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