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Reader Poll: Do You Wear Special Insoles for Hiking or Backpacking?

Superfeet Green Insoles
Superfeet Green Insoles

Do you replace the factory insoles in hiking boots or shoes with better ones that are more supportive or comfortable?

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I use Green Superfeet insoles in my Asolo TPS 520 boots because my arches need more support. If I don’t use them I get plantar fasciitis and I have to stop hiking for three months to let it heal, which totally sucks!

I alway wear Sole heat moldable soles in my Altra Lone Peak Trail Runners because they help take up some of the extra volume in my shoes and keep my knees and ankles aligned, reducing leg fatigue when I trail run, 

Nope, my feet are indestructible. I just use cheap the factory insoles that come in my La Sportiva Ultra Raptor running shoes. Never had a problem yet, 

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  1. I don’t use insoles. I don’t feel the need.

  2. So far so good with two socks with standard Keen Durand boots

  3. I don’t use insoles, but I do buy the best socks I can find – thorlo or wool socks

  4. I do not use insoles, just the ones that came in my hiking boots. Let my tell you about these awesome Salomon hikers I wear. They are ultra x gtx mids and they are perfect. They are very lightweight and sturdy with plenty of support thanks to the powerband located in the shoe. I would call them a hybrid of a hiking boot and a trail running shoe which keeps my feet happy on the trail all day long!!

  5. I have never seen a need for insoles. The original one that come with the shoes have always been enough. I am currently sporting a pair of Merrell Moab hiking boots. They have quit a few miles on them and still going strong.

  6. I just got a pair of La Sportiva Raptors, I was going to run out and get a pair of Superfeet. After reading the entries I think I will try them without.

  7. I wear Green Superfeet with my Meindl Burman Pro GTX as I have high arches. If I don’t wear them I get terrible pain in the balls of my feet ????

  8. Yes – superfeet green insoles from REI. I got them for my LLBean Goretex Cresta hikers because the default ones the boots came with were too thin and wore down quickly. The super feet have lasted for years and are incredibly comfortable- highly recommended!

  9. I wear Superfeet insoles in all my shoes. The type depends on the volume of the shoe. For hiking the shoes are Moab ventilators. I’ve found them of significant help over the years of reducing lower back pain to nothing. I used to get aches in my lower back at the base of the spine and the insoles have essentially stopped this bent a problem.

  10. I have custom orthotics because my feet are terrible. I have flat feet and have needed the support since I was a teenager. I can’t hike the super long distances, but I love to be in the woods.

  11. The insoles that came with the shoes are good enough for me, I wear Adidas Hydroterra shandal.

  12. I’m happy with my Superfeet Green insoles. Anxious to use them on my walk this year on the AP. Worth the investment!

  13. The last thing I need is foot pain when walking the trail. Superfeet insoles are the best support for great comfort! Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  14. I dont use any right now. I own a pair of Keen Durand mids. They absolutely kill my feet right now. I hope to buy some green super feet insoles before my next hike. Anything would be better than the soles that came with these boots.

  15. I currently wear Inov8s. I take the flimsy stock insoles out and replace with Wolverine Durashocks. Very cushy but thin and flexible, which maintains the groundfeel of the Inov8s. My foot pain problems disappeared when I stopped using stiff “supportive” insoles.

  16. I have been using VivoBarefoot Breatho Trail Runners for my three season hiking and backpacking shoes. Since they are barefoot shoes I do not wear insoles. I prefer the zero drop and minimal material under my foot that they provide. I seem to be more sure footed and have far fewer foot and ankle problems than with more traditional shoes and boots that have a raised heel and thick soles.

  17. I don’t wear insoles in my boots – I’ve been wearing Asolo boots for years. Tried a 5 day trip in Utah last week only in Keens and neopreen socks, it felt great.

  18. Yes, I use Spenco Earthbound Insoles with my Danner Men’s Crater Rim 6″ GTX Hiking Boot. Used the same type of boot in the military and the insole gives it a little more comfort due to the stiffness of the boot.

  19. I have used Spenco Polysorb in the past but they are a bit thick so they don’t work with all shoes. Fantastic padding, you could walk all day and night.

  20. Because of my Plantar Fasciitis I have used a lot of different insoles in the past, Superfeet Green & Blue, Sof Sole FIT Series Low Arch Insoles, Spenco.
    Currently I’m using the standard insoles in a new pair of Salomon Wings Pro.

  21. I use Green Superfeet insoles in my Oboz Bridger BDry boots. I use them in all of my shoes, mostly for the extra arch support. The stock insoles in my boots were actually pretty good for arch support, but the Superfeet have more padding under the balls of my feet, which I also enjoy.

  22. With plantar fasciitis nearly ending my hiking I first tried the over the counter products like superfeet and such finding no relief until I had custom made inserts from molds of my feet made by my podiatrist that I wear in my Morel Moab Ventilators. The inserts have allowed me to continue hiking pain free while covering more miles per day, a big plus on long sections with dry stretches.

  23. I use the manufacturers insoles in my Merrill moab’s,along with some smartwool socks. Seems to be all the cushion and support that I need.

  24. No insoles. Vasques Breeze 2.0 GTX love them!
    Going to Philmont with my son with these in June!

  25. I use green super feet in my Keen Pyrenees.

  26. I wear Green Superfeet in a pair of Inov8 Roclite 315. I need the Superfeet to handle the rocks on he trail and talus fields. I recently tried a pair of La Sportiva Ultra Raptors with just the included insole. I like the Ultra Raptors but unfortunately they are about a half size too small and they don’t come in a bigger size.

  27. I found out before my last 6 day trek one of my legs is shorter than the other! So now I wear orthotics :)

  28. I wear Source sandals (no insole)

  29. I use aftermarket insoles made by Sole (the Signature DK Response model) in my LaSportiva Electron ad Ultra Raptor running shoes to take up volume and provide a custom fit. These insoles provide excellent footbed cushion, particularly in the heel.

  30. Entering right on deadline. I have Merrill trail runners. I don’t use insoles because it hasn’t seemed like I needed them so I haven’t thought about them. Maybe I should.

  31. No insoles for me, I’ve tried them & find they don’t give additional cushioning but rather tend to force your foot into a certain position. Most factory insoles are junk. However I now use Salamon Pro 3A,s & find that they actually do have a high quality factory insole. Good cushioning & support, decent ventalation.

  32. Insoles? No. I use Merrell Polaran8’s in the winter. They have built-in insoles and on my left foot…it tends to move backwards and up the heel as i hike. Not ideal.

  33. Regarding the insoles .. sure. Couldn’t live without them, given that I wear Size 15. I use Spenco TotalSupport. 10-11 months of the year (as long as I can get away with it without freezing my toes off) I wear Merrell Moab. Best hiking shoe ever. I have four generations going in parallel, depending how brutal or messy the terrain is expected to be. My oldest pair from 2008 almost falls apart, but is still great for day hikes that involve wading :).

  34. I currently do not wear she insoles I am wearing salomon trail runners and have not needed inserts

  35. Okay, I have foot problems with deformed feet, but recent surgery is in process of correcting the issue. Doc still wants me ro use my inserts, which are Aetrex/Lynco orthotic inserts, posted and with a metatarsal pad. They prevent lots of pain and have made me able to hike beyond what doctors said I was capable of. These are the sport version and men’s sizes, as men’s widths accommodate my feet, while women’s do not. They are available at med supply stores and Amazon. I am also wondering if anyone has tried out and/or made a comparison between Darn Tough socks and the so-called “synthetic wool” socks made by Thirty48.com. I would be interested in your thoughts.

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