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UGQ Outdoors Winter Dream Tarp Review

The UGQ Outdoor Winter Dream is a large hammock tarp with doors that snap close at the end to protect you from wind and rain spray. The snaps run down the length of the door along both edges and are a real convenience in crappy weather, making it easy to regulate the amount of airflow around you, while adding a touch of privacy.

Snaps run the length of both doors
Snaps run the length of both doors

Specs at a Glance

  • Ridgeline length: 11′
  • Weight: 17.9 oz, including double split rings
  • Material: .93/oz 15d Sil/PU coated Taffeta Polyester
  • Dimensions: 132″ x 116″
  • Guyout points: 8 + 2 R/L
  • Edge/Ridge Tape: Black
  • Color: Olive Green

I have a basic 11′ version of the Winter Dream made with .93/oz 15d Sil/PU coated Taffeta Polyester. UGQ also offers this tarp in 12′ and 13′ lengths, in addition to different colors, fabrics, guyout options, and pole modifications, so you really can have them make it just the way you want it.

I hang my Winter Dream in a split line configuration with Dutchware Stingerzs (2) but the Winter Dream can be hung on a continuous ridgeline just as easily. All of the guyout points on my tarp use UGQ’s standard double stainless steel split ring system, although they also offer LineLoc-3 guyouts if you prefer them. The guyout points have a heavy grosgrain loop tacked to the edging that the split rings are attached to. For porch mode, you just stick your trekking pole tip through the loop and stake the poles down with a guyline. Those same fabric loops can also be used to position the doors in different combinations, as needed, with a few hooks and lines, providing a lot more flexibility than LineLocs.

Porch Mode in milder weather
Porch Mode in milder weather

I’ve used the Winter Dream with several different hammocks in a wide range of different weather conditions. While it’s great for hanging out in a thunderstorm or a snowstorm, it also makes a great tarp for nicer weather, when you want to set it up in porch mode and watch the world go by.

The Sil/Poly fabric is very slippery and water rolls right off it. I haven’t bothered to seam seal the ridgeline yet, which is sewn as a modified french seamless prone to leakage, and it hasn’t been an issue yet for me in rain (UGQ will seam seal it for you for a nominal fee).

I own several Sil/Poly hammock tarps and they don’t require any changes to my tarp routine although they’re reported to sag less than SilNylon. (I use self-tensioning guylines on my hammock tarps, so it’s hard for me to notice any difference.) However, SilPoly offers lower water absorption and increased UV resistance compared to SilNylon, which is useful in hammock tarps and tents, to minimize sag/stretch when wet and color fade over time.

UGQ Outdoor Winter Dream Tarp

Manufacturing Quality

Highly Configurable SilPoly Tarp

The UGQ Outdoor Winter Dream is a large hammock tarp with doors that snap close at the end to protect you from wind and rain spray. Fully featured, it can be pitched in numerous different configurations for a wide variety of weather conditions.

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The Winter Dream is a very nice tarp and easy to recommend. The sewing quality and construction are neat and durable, but the snaps are what makes this tarp so special. To be honest, I wish I had the door snaps that the Winter Dream comes with on one of my warmer weather hammock tarps from another manufacturer. They really are a great feature!

Disclosure: UGQ Outdoors provided the author with a Winter Dream tarp to review.

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  1. Nice tarp. I may be in the market, as the skinny little tarp provided with the REI Quarter Dome Air may not be sufficient for the privacy standards when camping with the Scout troop

  2. I did a quick check on their website. Prices are quite reasonable.

    • Mike / Three Speed

      Grandpa, I did the same and was pleasantly surprised.
      I went to use the REI quarter dome air tarp the first time and never bothered to hang it. I have the larger Hennessey sym shaped tarp and it worked great. I keep it in snake skins for even easier set-up.
      Phil, thanks for this great resource.

  3. How would this work as a stand alone pitch on the ground tarp, using walking sticks only, not hung from any trees as you picture. Seems to happen somewhat often and I like the door feature vs. my regular tarp.

  4. Hi Philip!
    Do you prefer the UGQ Winter Dream or the Warbonnet Superfly and what makes you like one over the other?

    • I mostly use The Trek Tarp from Hammock Gear or their Dyneema Hex Tarp. Sold my Warbonnet a while ago because I like the longer Wanderlust Hammock better. Loved using both tarps when I had them and seem to remember them being pretty interchangeable.

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