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Section Hiking

 Appalachian Trail, New Hampshire

Section hikers are people who hike long distance trails in stages, maybe a weekend or a vacation, at a time. We are the unfortunate majority that can’t take a year off to hike the Appalachian Trail or many of the other fine long distance trails in the US and abroad. But like thru-hikers, we yearn for the simplicity of life on the trail, in the outdoors, away from the gizmos and material possessions that take us away from being present in everyday life. Our families, hopefully, have come to accept our frequent absences over three day weekends and anniversaries and appreciate the sense of peace that we return with, while knowing that after we finish this trail there will be another.

Why do you section hike?

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  1. Teresa (Terry) Thoma

    I need a list of RV campgrounds near the AT for each state. Any ideas where to get this?



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