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Backpacking with Earplugs

Backpacking with Ear Plugs
Backpacking with Ear Plugs

Whenever, I go backpacking I always bring along earplugs. If I’m sleeping near someone in a tent or a shelter, who snores, it helps cut down or eliminate the noise level. They also let me block out the sounds of the forest if I’m alone and feeling creeped out or if my shelter makes a lot of noise in the rain.

If you’ve never used earplugs, you should try them out at home before you bring them on a trip. My favorites are Mack’s Pillow-Soft Earplugs made of silicone. They’re made with a soft play-dough like material that can be easily kneaded to fit over your outer ear canal. I have small ear canals, but I can mold these safely to fit my ears. They’re actually quite comfortable and you can get used to them very quickly.

A lot of people I know also bring them on backpacking trips or use them at home or in the library to block out noise. A package of 6 pairs costs about $3 and they’re carried by most drugstores.

Oh, and those rumors that I snore are wildly exaggerated.

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  1. Amen! Another great addition to the pack. I've had good luck with the foamy kind.

    A couple weeks ago I finally made the mental connection to bring them in my travel bag, too. They were wonderful on the airplane to block all that engine noise!

  2. I like to keep a pair of the foam kind of ear plugs in the small pocket of my sleeping bag. They weigh nothing and are always there when I need them. However, Im always concerned I might not hear something I should, like an animal trying to get into my stuff or a storm. Therefore I often only plug one ear and press the other one against my pillow.

  3. Depending on where one is camping I can see the usefulness of such an item. However, where I camp at there is often the threat of wild animals – from boars to bears. I prefer to keep my sensory equipment in tact and opt for some Benedryl before bed.

  4. I always sleep with earplugs when I’m backpacking. Everything is so much noisier in the woods! I also use the foam kind. If there is a real emergency I believe I would still hear it and wake up. The earplugs tend to block out all the little sounds but I can still hear loud ones.

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