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Bodyglide: Skin Chafing Prevention

Picture this. You are forced to wear long pants on a backpacking trip because the black flies are biting, you hate wearing DEET or you are concerned about catching Lyme disease from ticks. The weather is hot and you start to sweat between your thighs. Then they begin rubbing against one another and start to chafe.

After monkey butt, thigh chafing has to be one of the most painful hygiene issues out there for hikers and backpackers. No matter how fit or in shape you are, everyone experiences thigh chafing, but it is easily preventable if you treat the area between your thighs with BodyGlide before you get dressed or when you start to sweat down there.

BodyGlide is a greaseless lubricant that helps reduce friction between your thighs or between your clothes and your skin when you start to sweat. It can be used on your feet to reduce the friction that leads to blisters, under your arms or on your nipples to reduce chafing by your shirt. Its primary active ingredient is Zinc Oxide and has the form factor of a dry deodorant stick. All you have to do is to apply it to the irritated area of your skin and it will prevent further irritation by lubricating the area and shielding it from further moisture.

Disclosure: The author owns this product and purchased it using their own funds.

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