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Winter Hiking

Freestanding Tents vs Floorless Pyramids: Winter Bakeoff

DuoMid in Snow - Crawford Notch, White Mountains - 2011

Black Diamond FirstLight Tent and a very stealthy MLD cuben fiber Duomid Sub-pound, floor-less pyramids are very lightweight, but free-standing tents pitch in minutes. Which is the right choice for winter backpacking and mountaineering, when pack weight and space are at a premium? Pitching a floorless pyramid on snow takes …

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How to Attach an Ice Axe to a Backpack

Ice axe shaft is lashed to a Talon Buckle using elastic cord and a cord lock

This is a serious issue, because I see a lot of people do this improperly, opening themselves to a potentially serious injury. ??To remedy that, I’m going to demonstrate how you should do this safely, in a way that prevents the axe pick from puncturing your hip if (when) you …

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Boiling Water for Winter Hiking

Fill Up Your Winter Water Bottles at the Convenience Store

I used to get up extra early on the days when we’d drive to the mountains for winter hiking, so I could boil water for my water bottles. Since we’d meet in downtown Boston at 5 AM, this meant getting up at 4 AM to get ready. Those days are …

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A Second Headlamp for Winter Hiking

Sunset over the Carter Range, White Mountains

I do a lot of winter day hiking in some pretty remote and mountainous locations, but I’ve only ever carried one head lamp, a Black Diamond Spot, which I’ve owned now for several years. That changed over the weekend when I bought a second one, a Black Diamond Icon, to …

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