Hammock Gear Reviews

Kammok UL Camp Kit Review

Kammok’s Ultralight Camp Kit is a minimalist backpacking hammock setup that includes the: Roo Single UL Hammock, The Kuhli UL tarp, and the Python 10 UL Hammock Suspension Straps. These three elements are also sold separately. Hammockers who are sleeping anywhere below …

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Dutchware Winter Sock Review

The-Dutchware-Winter Sock Review

The Dutchware Argon Vented Winter Sock is a large sleeve that wraps around your hammock and underquilt and blocks the wind. If you plan to hammock in cool weather, say 40 degrees or less, it really pays to add a overcover and …

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Warbonnet Outdoors Minifly Tarp Review

The Warbonnet Minifly has short doors at the end for added rain protection

Warbonnet Outdoors has quite a large selection of hammock tarps, enough to suit anyone’s preferences. The Minifly is a 132″ x 91″ hex-style tarp with “short” doors that weighs 11.75 oz (2000mm, 20D silpoly). It’s basically a stripped down and lighter weight version …

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