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Different Styles of Section Hiking

Styles of Section Hiking

There are many different ways of section hiking a long trail, perhaps as many as there are section hikers. Some section hikers plan their hikes down to the last detail while others don’t do much planning at all. Here are some of the most common styles of section hiking, along with examples of the route …

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Section Hikers Unite!

I'm somewhat dismayed by all the the attention that is paid to thru-hikers of scenic trails and how little is paid to section hikers. I don't begrudge thru-hikers their freedom to hike a trail for 6 months or more. Of course, I'm envious. I just think that section hikers should …

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Refelections on my Long Trail End-to-End Hike

Philip Werner's Long Trail End-To-Ender Certificate

Last weekend, I finished the 8th and final section of my 270 mile End-to-End hike of the Long Trail, in Vermont. Of those 270 miles, I hiked about 230 miles by myself, beginning on May 23rd and ending on October 12th, 2008. Long Trail Southern Terminus to Rt 9. Northbound: …

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