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Backpacking Spice Kit Ingredients

AT Maildrop Resupply Box
AT Maildrop Resupply Box

The biggest challenge I face on most backpacking trips is eating enough. The problem is that the food I bring or resupply in towns is boring and doesn’t have that much variety. Ramen noodles, rice sides, couscous, pasta, mashed potatoes, refried beans – they’re all monotonous to eat over a 2-3 week period.

I could use a little help here.

What spices or condiments do you bring in your food bag to help make your backpacking meals more interesting?


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  1. John from the Intense Angler YouTube channel has a brilliant suggestion. Store spices inside cut off pieces of drinking straws, with ends sealed using a lighter. Snip one end and sprinkle into your meal. I like Montreal Steak Spice, curry, garlic, oregano, and seasoning salt. I also coak and dehydrate my own meals, spiced at home.

  2. This is a topic I had some questions about and I’ve read a lot of great responses here. hopefully this will help me step up my trail cooking game.

  3. Milton Beauregard

    Having attended culinary arts school for a short while, I have a hundred suggestions. But if you can carry only three spices, I would carry some Herbs de Provence. Magical concoction, light weight but will transform blah to gourmet even if ingredients are the same. I also carry Mrs. Dash original; salty without actual salt and added flavor as well. And lastly but not forgottenly, I got a small squeeze bottle with a small spout and stopper and fill it with Sriracha Sauce. That gives good amount of heat and tons of flavor as well to almost any dish. Eating outdoors is fun. Use your imagination and it does not have to be boring like the Lipton sides or Ramen.

  4. Interesting post.

    Before leaving any reply, my opinion is to look carefully on the journey, and what could be available in food restocking points. I would not think to carry an entire week of food, some stuff is perishable, and is nice to have some fresh fruit like apples and bananas, as a change to berries picked on the way.
    Now, I do not walk, but I cycle, so 20-30 miles to reach a shop, are not a huge deal unless you’ve to climb a big mountain. But such distance is not easy when walking. One more reason to plan the meals.

    I like to bring the condiments from home, mostly based on what I am cooking.
    Everything goes into 2×3″ or 4×5″ mini ziplock bags, which are available in many shops or Ebay, as “jewellery/sample mini bag”. For things like Pesto, Peanut butter or Marmite (fantastic on bread, has good amount of protein too) I use 50ml alluminium jars, those too can be found on Ebay/Amazon/etc as “cosmetic sample jar”, they weight 5-6gr each and are leakproof. Even tho, I put them in a ziplock bag for peace of mind.
    On short trips, 2-3 days, all I need is a small plastic jar (like Multivitamins) for all the things, each one in its mini ziplock bag. Without the sugar, which I do use a bit, it’s a <50gr thing, so it's light too.

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