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Stewart’s Killer Bug Trout Fly

Whip Finish

Chris Stewart’s Killer Bug is an effective nymph pattern that’s easy to tie and I’ve had good luck with it on Tenkara Rods and a traditional fly rod on New England streams and rivers. Many fisherman cite the Killer Bug as their most successful fly, so it’s a good addition for …

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Tippet Rings for Tenkara Fly Fishing

Traditional Tenkara braided line with black tippet ring

A tippet ring is a very small metal loop that you tie in between a line and a tippet that lets you change tippets frequently without having to shorten the length of your line or leader, something that inevitably happens whenever you tie tippet to it directly. For example, I use a hi-visibility orange, …

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10 Beginner Tenkara Fly Fishing Tips

Rainbow Trout

Tenkara fly fishing is a minimalist type of fly fishing used for mountain stream trout fishing. With an emphasis on simple lightweight gear, this form of fishing is perfect for backpackers who want a deeper wilderness experience in the backcountry. Here are 10 beginner Tenkara tips that I learned as …

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Fly Tying for Beginners

Pink Squirrel

I started catching trout when I started tying flies. Coincidence? Maybe. But if you’re a trout angler, there’s no such thing as coincidence if it means breaking a trout drought! However, even though I fish with a Tenkara rod, I didn’t get started tying Tenkara flies. I tried, but I …

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