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Mountain House Spins Off New Dog House Foods Subsidiary and Canine Product Line

Dog House Food Corporation Doggy Bags

Mountain House Food Corporation announced the formation of a new subsidiary called Dog House Foods to brand and market a new line of freeze-dried camping meals for dogs, called “Doggy Bags.” These nutritious meals for dogs are designed to make your dog feel at home when camping or backpacking while providing the extra calories, amino acids, and vitamins that dogs need for an active life outdoors or on the trail. They’re easy to prepare and packaged like our award-winning meals for people, with a 25-year shelf life that makes them equally suitable for emergency preparedness.

“Urban dogs, in particular, can become quite agitated when they’re taken on family camping or backpacking trips and they find themselves sleeping outdoors in a strange environment. Our meals are designed as comfort food, to give them a taste of home, and help calm and reassure them so they don’t act out by chasing wild animals or barking at strangers,” said new Dog House Food CEO Larry ‘Lab’ Black.

The Doggy Bag meals are available individually, in three-packs, and 12-pack buckets, like the one shown above. Different size portions are also available for small, medium, and large dogs. Special packaging has been designed that can serve double-duty as a dog bowl, which is one less thing to worry about when you’re traveling or camping with your dog. Preparation is just as convenient as with our human camping meals, where you add boiling water and then wait 9-12 minutes for your meal to fully rehydrate, or cold soak it over a period of 4-6 hours.

“Dog House will be releasing new flavors and formulations throughout the year targeting the needs of dogs of all ages and health dispositions”, said Dr. Jack Russell, Dog House’s Chief Food Scientist, who’s also a well-respected dog breeder. “These will include meals designed for growing puppies, senior dogs, and those who need extra nutritional support for canine diabetes, urinary tract health, heart care, and dental/breath health.”

“We’re really impressed with the strategic timeliness of Dog House Foods new Doggy Bag product line,” said Philip Werner, Editor and Chief Hiking Officer at “Puppy and rescue adoption rates skyrocketed during the Pandemic and these new Doggy Bag meals provide a great way for owners to provide their dogs with healthy food options when they go hiking, backpacking, or camping in our National Forests and Parks.”

The first six meals will be available in April 2021 exclusively at Petco, including:

  • “Who Wants to Go to Petco?” Venison Stew
  • “Who Wants a Treat?” Grain-Free Meatloaf
  • “Do You Want to Go Outside?” Beef & Pork Grain-Free Pate
  • “Who’s a Good Boy?” Ancient Fish Patties
  • “Let Me Rub Your Belly” Hawaiian Salmon and Sweet Potato Casserole
  • “You’re So Cute” Turkey, Pork Liver & Duck Mash

Prices will range from $9 – $12 for single meals with quantity discounts available. For more information, visit your local Petco Store or shop online at the website.

April Fools!

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  1. I look forward every year to this space. Another bit of good fun from everybody’s Chief Hiking Officer!

    • I was Chief Hiking Officer at my last company. It said so in my job title in our contact database. Of course, I was the one in charge of updating the database so I may have taken a few liberties there….

  2. High-quality satire as always. You had me going for awhile, and then I remembered the date…

  3. Oh, Philip, your AFD posts are my favorite AFD posts. As soon as I realized it was AFD I had to come here and see what this year’s post was. Love it!

  4. Thank you. As others have said, I look forward to your Aprl 1 installments. Always A fun read!

  5. I saw the lead, and I thought, “What the heck! Philip has sold out to commercial interests! It’s an infomercial!”

    Then I saw the tag line at the top, April Fools! Thanks for this annual tradition.

  6. God Dammit. I was actually excited!

    Well played.

  7. I am glad to see Mountain House adding to the already available dehydrated and freeze dried pet products intended for camping use. The Honest Kitchen has developed a product line specifically to meet this niche that I have purchased earlier this winter. I am looking forward to experimenting with these products this spring and summer season.

  8. I wish I didn’t already know these were April Fool’s articles. Dr. Jack Russell. lol.

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