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Gossamer Gear Announces iGorilla Backpack with iPad Pocket and Kinetic Energy Recharger

 Gossamer Gear iGorilla Ultralight Backpack with iPad Pocket and Kinetic Energy Recharge
Gossamer Gear iGorilla Ultralight Backpack with iPad Pocket and Kinetic Energy Recharger

Ultralight backpack maker Gossamer Gear announced a new backpack today that includes a rechargeable iPad Pocket™ for ultralight backpacking. Built using Kinetic Recharger Technology™, the iGorilla™ backpack automatically recharges your iPad or any other USB compatible electronic device by converting the energy produced by hiking into electric current that can be used to recharge batteries.

“The iGorilla is the first backpack in the world to use an Apple iPad as a backpack frame, keeping with Gossamer Gear’s ultralight philosophy of using multi-purpose items as backpack components,” says Glen Van Peski, Gossamer Gear’s visionary founder and ultralight backpacking guru. “Adding Kinetic Recharger Technology (KRT) to the pack took a significant amount of product testing and design effort in order to optimize the amount of energy which can be converted to electricity from a person’s stride, and to keep the pack’s weight the same as our standard, award-wining ultralight Gorilla Backpack.”

The iGorilla is another break-through product from Gossamer Gear and demonstrative of the track-record of innovation that the company is known for”, says Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador Will Reitveld. “I’m looking forward to the day when I can have toast for breakfast on trips using an USB-enabled ultralight toaster.”

In addition to the iGorilla, Gossamer Gear has also pledged to license Kinetic Recharger Technology (KRT) to other cottage industry manufacturers in the ultralight backpacking segment for a nominal fee. Gossamer Gear’s President Grant Sible, whose AT thru-hike trail name was ‘Gorilla’ says, “we decided to license the KRT to other companies, including competitors, to help expand the lightweight backpacking market as rapidly as possible. When the water rises, everyones’ boat floats a bit higher.”

Availability: The iGorilla Backpack will be available in May 2012.

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About the iGorilla

The iGorilla is a durable smaller volume pack loaded with new fabrics and features. We love the way this pack carries and its slimmer profile makes for a very controlled load that doesn’t move around on your back but still allows 5 days worth of food and gear to be carried comfortably. The main pack fabric is made out of our new revolutionary 140 denier Dyneema bullet proof fabric and we’re using bomber power-stretch mesh for the pockets, making the iGorilla one tough little beast.

Thei Gorilla comes with a SitLight™ pad, 10′ of shock cord and three cord locks. The shoulder straps (size medium and large only, size small the foam is sewn in and the straps are narrower) and hip belt are designed to accept unused articles of clothing as padding and the hip belt is removable. Foam inserts are included if you are disinclined to use sleeping socks, gloves, etc. as your padding. The Gorilla will also happily accept our Hip Belt and Shoulder Strap pockets.

April fools!

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  1. I tried this out at a trade show. The iGorilla smelled funny.

  2. You had me hook, line, and sinker for a brief moment. Very clever!

  3. I was really hoping you were joking! Backpacking is where I go to get away from the Apple Lemmings!!

  4. Nice! You sucked me in and got me!! Nice post. Thanks for keeping it real. :)

  5. and here i thought i could get a small Gorilla before June:(

  6. Great April Fool’s joke — just enough realism to hook people. It will be funny if a robot or web-crawler picks this up, and sends out to a “Gear News” site…

  7. hahahaha…I might have come out of “No New Gear in 2012” for this one. :-)

  8. I knew right away it was a joke… seeing myself described as “visionary” was a dead giveaway! Very nice work, I have to say.

  9. Genius. Believed for at least two hours until I looked at the calendar. Good job. Now Glen, make it a reality!

  10. I had quite the perplexed expression on my face as I tried to envision an iPad as a backpack frame! Nice work, you had me laughing pretty good!

  11. Nice. That’s definitely an improvement over the prototype I saw with the 4-mile-long power cord.

  12. Hook. Line. Sinker.

  13. I was so on board. I be the monkey for the iGorilla.

  14. 2nd time I was fooled today by a blogger. When will ever learn?

  15. You totally had me until ” … use an Apple iPad as a backpack frame …” This was my first clue that one of my Two Legs was being pulled. BUT … GREAT IDEA! Hope someone actually makes one someday!

  16. do you remember Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy with the 2 way wrist radio and later 2 way wrist TV and Star Trek, set three hundred years in the future with personal communicators? Those things seemed like wishful jokes at the time. Hopefully, we’ll get the iWant… and it won’t be a gag!

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