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RBG Takes Leave of Absence from the Supreme Court to Hike the Appalachian Trail

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburgh to hike the Appalachian Trail

Ruth Bader Ginsburg announced today that she’s taking a leave of absence from the Supreme Court to hike the Appalachian Trail. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do and what I want, I usually get,” said Ginsburg recently in an interview with CNN. Ginsburg has been training for this hike for several years now, working out during the week in the gym and taking long hikes along the Maryland and Virginia sections of the AT during the weekends. She’ll be taking 4 months off and hopes to finish a big chunk of the trail by walking 11-12 miles a day. “I have a lot of confidence in her ability to hike the AT,” says her trainer Bryant Johnson, a former Army reservist attached to the Special Forces, and author of The RGB Workout: How She Stays Strong…and You can Too!

At 85, Ginsburg will be one of the older hikers on the trail, which she sees as more of a benefit rather than a weakness. “I think I’m a pretty good judge of my limits,” says the justice. “If Grandma Gatewood could do it, I can too.” Nearly, 2,200 miles in length, hiking the Appalachian Trial isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but the trail links together many small towns as it winds its way through National Parks and Forests from Georgia to Maine. RBG plans to keep the weight of her backpack as low as possible by stopping into towns frequently to resupply and clean up.

Standing 5′ 1″, RBG is petite and says that finding backpacking gear that fit her was an unexpected challenge. “I hope my hike will make the lack of female-specific backpacking gear more visible. It’s scandalous in this day and age.” It took some research, but she found several American gear companies that make the women’s backpacking gear that she plans to carry, including:

On any thru-hike, your most important piece of backpacking gear is a well-fitting backpack and “I had to search a long time to find one that fit my short 14″ torso”, says Ginsburg. “But my favorite piece of gear is the Lightheart Gear hiking skirt I’ll be wearing, which has pockets! You have to be a woman to understand how important that is.”

Given the tumultuous political climate in our Nation’s Capitol, we had to ask RBG if this was really a good time to skip town? “It’s the best time, actually. The Supreme court is in recess from the end of June until October 1, which gives me four months to hike. I’ll get as far north as I can and come back to finish next year if I need to.”

Hike on RBG! Hike On.

April Fools!

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  1. bootsie or other alias

    Glad you informed us of this and glad I have a trail name. On the positive side, why wait for a long drawn out court trial. Now we can get quick judgement on the AT. This should be seen as a positive development.

  2. Gotta tell you Phil, you come up with the funniest April fools spoofs! This one had me in stitches!
    Bravo to you and all you do.

  3. And she’ll be fortifying herself at shelters with pizza delivered by drones.

  4. As an RBG lookalike, I’m concerned about being mobbed on the trail by her fans.. On the positive side, however, perhaps she and I can consult on gear for short older women who hate pink.

  5. Nice one Phil! Had me going for a minute.

  6. have come to look forward to your April Fool posts ever since you got me with drone deliveries. Thanks for the chuckle.

  7. I’m surprised she’s not planning on just working while on the trail. If anyone could do that, RBG could.

  8. It took me a minute to realize what day it is! The fact that I believed it to be true says a lot about that woman’s strong constitution (pun wholly intended.)

  9. She’s FIERCE!!!!!!

  10. The Notorious RBG meets April 1!!!!

    Although if any 85-year old woman could do it, she could!

    Personally, I owe this intrepid lady a great debt in that her pioneering court cases she litigated and won in the 1970s paved the way for my entrance into the world of work in 1980!

  11. I love it! This is brilliant. Although I do wish RBG would do this, she would be amazing.

  12. April is not the cruelist month; it’s the funniest!! Thanks for the laugh…BTW, did you know that the Alcesalces organization is suing the NH DMV for copyright infringement of their image? (coughcough to all of you not living in NH;-))

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