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What luxury items do you bring on backpacking trips?

Luxury Items on Backpacking Trips
Luxury Items on Backpacking Trips

Here are the 10 most popular items that Section Hiker readers bring along on trips:

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  1. A book to read and a flask of a tasty adult beverage. I use the second a lot more than the first, though.

  2. The new-fangled luxury gadget is the 3 oz. battery-driven air pump that blows up the Big Agnes insulated sleeping pad, which is itself luxurious. Set up tent, roll out sleeping pad, attach pump, walk away and do something else for 3 minutes – instant presto! No huffing and puffing. The guy who used to make and market the pump sold it to a bigger outdoors company.

  3. I bring a phone. Good snacks. A good book. Good book light to read or write at night.

  4. A flask of Scotch or bourbon (actually, I think this is a necessity, not a luxury item…).
    …and a book. I do try to choose a lightweight and small dimensioned paperback, instead of hauling a big tome!

  5. I bring coffee, a flat piece of custom-cut plastic that stabilizes my stove, and, if I’m hiking alone, an iPod filled with podcasts to fall asleep to.

  6. I usually take an old pitch covered chair. The type you put a sleeping pad in. We also take a letter of wine. (Red holds up better).

  7. The Original Space Blanket is my favorite luxury item for a backpack trip and day hikes. it has many uses, including as a sun shield on top of a tent when it is really hot…and the bugs have chased you to the tent! The other uses are as a small tarp for rain or sun, insulated floor for the tent, emergency blanket/shelter. We have also used it to keep food items cold on the first day in, such as sushi, prawns, steak, and of course will always help keep your favorite brew cool too! Happy Trails!

  8. My luxury item is a huge powerbank and UE miniboom bluetooth speakers

  9. I carry a UCO 3 candle lantern besides headlamp and flashlight. Nice non electric light and good tent heater. Bee’s wax candles last twelve hours of continuous light/heat.

  10. On my recent backpacking trip I brought a ‘Uco Candlelier’ (3 candle lantern) to use in my 4 season tent–that along with my two dogs got inner temps up to 55-60 degrees, even though it was freezing out (early October). Oh, and I also brought two large pieces cut from an old sleeping bag so my canine buds could be comfy too. :-)

  11. I too bring a flask of bourbon and some cigars.

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