Camping is a big part of backpacking and there are a lot of skills involved in doing it well including campsite selection, shelter selection, how to sleep warm, water filtering and purification, and cooking.

Advantages of Lightweight Double-Wall Tents

Advantages of Double-wall Tents

Double-wall tents are making a comeback amongst backpackers because they’ve become much lighter with gear weights that rival their single-walled competitors. This is especially true in the two-person (non-Dyneema) tent category where several 2-person, double-wall tents including the NEMO Hornet 2P and the Durston Drop X-Mid 1 which both weigh 2 …

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Lightweight Sleeping Pad Chair Kits

Lightweight Sleeping Pad Chair Kits

While camping chairs are getting lighter and lighter weight every year, you really can’t beat a sleeping pad chair kit when it comes to lightweight seating on a backpacking trip. These kits transform inflatable sleeping pads into comfortable and insulated chairs, so you can sit up and read, eat, or …

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Backpacking Tent Fast Pitch Options: Pros and Cons

Tent Fast Pitch Options - Pros and Cons

“You need to buy the tent footprint if you want the fast pitch option,” is the common refrain of tent manufacturers and retailers. But you wonder, “When would I use the fast pitch option and what am I giving up if I don’t buy the footprint now?” Many double-wall tent …

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The Art of Sleeping Warm at Night

A Chilly Night in the Catskills

Have you even spent a cold night in your sleeping bag because the temperature dropped lower than you expected? Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to increase your comfort level on those cold nights without buying any additional backpacking gear. Cover your collar bones with an …

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9 Campsite Selection Tips

Two tents protected from the wind by a small embankment

Good campsite selection is an important backpacking skill. Here are some tips to pick a safe and comfortable campsite that will enhance your enjoyment of the backcountry. 1. Plan campsites in advance If backcountry regulations require that you camp at designated campsites, reserve one in advance or make sure ones …

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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep When Backpacking

Tarp Sleep System: Bivy Sack, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad and a Moose

Some people go backpacking for the adventure, some live to climb new mountains and some just like the simplicity and solitude. I like all of those things, but my favorite part of backpacking is sleeping. During the week, I  get about 6-7 hours of sleep each night. But on the …

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