Backpacking Food

Recipes, prepared backpacking meal reviews, and tips and tricks for keeping yourself well fed on backpacking and camping trips.

Backpacking without a Stove

Stoves let you cook inside a shelter when the weather is bad

I am not a huge fan of backpacking without a stove, but whether you do it or not should be based on the environmental conditions you’re likely to encounter on your hike, the duration, and location of your trip. Whatever you do, don’t sacrifice your safety margin in order to …

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Winter Backpacking Food

One of the best things about winter backpacking and mountaineering trips is the food. You can eat just about anything and never feel guilty about it, including these Ritter Sport Bars which pack over 630 calories each! Seriously though, winter nutrition is an important subject if you’re going to be …

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Freezer Bag Cooking 101

Freezer Bag Cooking

Freezer Bag Cooking is a great way to reduce your pack weight and helps eliminates the need to wash your cooking pots after a hot meal like breakfast or dinner. The principle behind Freezer Bag cooking is simple. You prepackage all of your hot meals for a backpacking trip in …

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