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Outdoor Herbivore: Vegan Cheddar Garden Herb Sauce

Outdoor Herbivore Vegan Cheddar Herb Sauce with Ramen Noodles
Outdoor Herbivore Vegan Cheddar Herb Sauce with Ramen Noodles

Outdoor Herbivore’s Vegan Cheddar Herb Sauce is a great way to dress up ramen noodles or instant mashed potatoes and turn them into a tasty powerhouse of a meal. Entirely vegan and non-dairy, you’ll swear there’s cheddar cheese  in this sauce even though it’s just a mix of nutritional yeast, whole wheat flour and spices.

With 503 calories per serving, not including the pasta or potatoes you add, this sauce is an easy to make backpacking meal that you can cook in a Jetboil or small cook pot on the trail. Sauce-based meals like this are my favorite way to eat on backpacking trips because they are so easy to make and clean up with just a quick rinse of my cook pot.

I cooked the meal pictured above on using a small Esbit stove by boiling 2 and 1/2 cups of water to cook a pack of plain ramen noodles without any added broth. After boiling them for a few minutes until the noodles were soft, I took the pot off the flame and mixed in the Cheddar Garden Herb Sauce, stirring it so it was well mixed. I covered the pot and let it sit for the 8-9 minutes recommended by OH for this meal to rehydrate and then gobbled down this delicious meal.

At just $3.99 per package, Outdoor Herbivore’s Cheddar Garden Herb Sauce is a keeper!

Outdoor Herbivore "Cheddar" Garden Herb Sauce
Outdoor Herbivore “Cheddar” Garden Herb Sauce

Disclosure: The author purchased this product with his own funds. 

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  1. I love Outdoor Herbivore! We tried their 5 day backpacking package and so many of the meals were hits. The walnut pesto (over ramen noodles) is my favourite and the tomato sauce is especially good, it tastes like fresh sauce.

  2. I go to Asian grocery stores for noodles. They’re usually higher quality than the regular grocery store Ramen brand and I look for the soups with dried tofu. They can come with a soy sauce packet, a packet of chili sauce, and/or a packet of dried herbs. But even these get boring after a couple of days and a cheddar garlic sauce sounds pretty tasty.

  3. looks great except for all the sodium – I’ll try making a version of this on my own.

  4. good, but way too much sodium for me. My youngest son, who wants to do more backpacking, is allergic to both dairy and wheat—so this item isn’t for him, either, since it contains wheat. (Any suggestions of how to cope on the trail with no wheat/no dairy are welcome!)

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